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    how bad is human trafficking in germany

    Recent trends Statistics. The work time calendar is available in German, English, Bulgarian, Romanian and Polish. This report, prepared by the Law Library of Congress, describes the programs of eighteen countries and the European Union involving combating human trafficking, with a special focus on the training of personnel. It addresses trafficking and other forms of violence against migrants as a severe violation of human rights. Human trafficking is a seriouscrime and violation of human rights, involving force, coercion, or fraud to exploit a person into slave labor or sexual exploitation.. Human trafficking can happen to people of all ages and genders and any race or religious background.Women are often used for sexual exploitation, while men are usually used for forced labor. GRETA, a 16-member team, said the 671 trafficking victims identified in 2017 by Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) "do not reflect the real scale of the phenomenon of trafficking in human beings (THB) in Germany." According to the Council of Europe’s GRETA (Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings), the majority of Portugal’s identified victims are male. Five people have gone on trial in Germany for allegedly trafficking up to 200 Thai women and forcing them to work in a nationwide network of brothels. The EU is pushing for more action against human trafficking and better protection for the victims. Production of work time calendars in multiple languages, featuring basic information on German labour law and indicators of human trafficking for facilitators (counselling centres and unions) to hand out specifically to migrant workers in Germany. KOK believes that the crime of human trafficking is deeply rooted in racism and sexism, and strategies to fight human trafficking have to be embedded in a wider framework including both phenomena. Countries in … The human trafficking map of 2016 provided by human rights first reveals there were staggering 20.9 million victims of human trafficking worldwide. What is human trafficking? But Germany has missed the EU's deadline to implement new rules. tation in Germany”, human trafficking does not simply amount to reducing organised crime, and also repre-sents a human rights challenge for key state players. Portugal’s experience with trafficking is unique among its southern European neighbours. More than 700 police officers searched 30 homes and businesses across Germany on Tuesday in a crackdown on human trafficking from Vietnam, authorities said. Germany has passed a new prostitution law to fight human trafficking and exploitation. The official statistics PKS 2018 of 2018 by the Bundeskriminalamt for the year 2017 shows an increase of 39.9% for resistance and attacks against state authority, 13.6% in the spreading of pornographic material, 8.3% in crimes against the german drug law, 6.1% for narcotic-related crimes generally and 5.5% in violations of the german arms law. Against that background, the Foundation “Remem-brance, Responsibility and Future” will take up the sug-

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