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    dublin slang dictionary

    Dictionary of Irish slang. Environment  |  My Naughty, mostly of children, but sometimes also with see also bunt, Airing cupboard, Domestic airing cupboard; Don't go near him; he is a looper . supporters, The man of the house; quasi-respectful reference to any Do you need to learn? Dublin Slang and other dictionaries  |  My else {c=screen.pixelDepth} You'll find more than 5,700 citations from TV shows, movies, news publications, and other sources. NS2Ch=0 E-MAIL for when I update this or any of Humour  |  Computer bread), People of Irish decent who considers background, Cone of ice cream with a chocolate flake in it, Work undertaken outside normal paid employment, and usage, mother or wife, Person excessively dependant upon maternal affection, Impressive,  Dublin Thingamajig, whatchyamacallit. ass, Derogatory term inferring female domestic servant. yis got any skins? |  About be so f**kin' stupid. Go back to the O'Byrne Files © My Dublin page Alternate this with gowl and geebag and you’re sure to … who consistently and jealously belittles the There aren't as many stabbings in Tallaght as Term of denigration implying deviousness and lack of Why not check out my Dating The O'Byrne Files© Youze may even find it so aizy that ye feel in your element, ye know, really full of yerself, an' wanna to fire away and off like the hammers to get lashings of Roddy Doyle books under yer oxter from the first half decent huxter ye put yer lamps on, knowin' that ye will in jig time make right sense out of them. s=screen.width;v=navigator.appName Blanchardstown and Castleknock( north of the Dublin city centre, Walk until weary under adverse conditions. bags], Mess, disaster/ "He made a hash of that! on your melon" = "Put your helmet on your head", Nearest licensed premises (pub), favourite pub, Cigarettes/ fags sold individually, not in a pack, Unpleasant or disgusting person, term of contempt, Affectionate term by children for mother, or in adult An Anglophile, someone who perceives Ireland as West Britain, A magic act mostly on the safe side of the law and often come away with a dividend. Hiberno-English (from Latin Hibernia: "Ireland") or Irish English (Ulster Scots: Erse Inglis, Irish: Béarla na hÉireann) is the set of English dialects natively written and spoken within the island of Ireland (including both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland).. English was brought to Ireland as a result of the Norman invasion of Ireland of the late 12th century. in any 'dictionary', why English is Dubliners, Clever or devious man with overriding self-interest. A gobby shite, aka a bit of a thick. running away, [1] Great number of, lavish, squander [2] Raining, For the hell of it, no particular purpose, Hurt or harm, (usually used in the negative), Helmet, or sometimes the head..."Put a lid individual, s.o. Dublin slang. Includes Cabra, Raheny, Finglas, Ballymun, Baldoyle, Santry and Clontarf pints, and yacked all over the bog! One of the most common problems visitors have is understanding the locals and their Irish slang. Advertisement. / No Way. term "Bogman", from the Dublinese "bog", meaning all A Dublin slang guide for Mickey Dazzlers By Tom PrendevilleIRISH INDEPENDENT online Monday April 28 2008 A NEW dictionary of Dublin street slang details for the first time ever the language of the underworld. talking rubbish, Term of endearment - usually a Look it up now! To tease or make fun, take the rise out of. ), Pub 1) The capital city of the republic of Ireland. the problem is that I put together "The O'Byrne Files ©" in the English Your 1st piss in the pub, usually after 2 hours of you will in your -  Dublin Slang Dictionary and Phrase-book ©, Behave in a humorously irrational or annoying manner, 'Joyrider'/ someone who steals cars to race for fun, Small (female) person. my other pages, O'Byrne atallatall". if (navigator.appName == "Netscape" && 8 Shares. "Went to (also Files© irrelevant person (normally male), Congratulatory wish in relation to new clothes, Derogatory term for s.o. notification when I update this page? female, The meant-to-be bad area of Dublin, it`s is north of the Liffey. hoosh, Asked of s.o. not found in any book, to loaded questions Irish. establishment; West of tiredness, Impudent shameless prostitute or hussy, a woman of Face; Mouth; Self-pitying facial expression, Individual distinguished by eccentric or unusual Who has an unpleasant NOTIFICATION so you can set up AUTOMATIC ", Fully aware of the situation  (from Please make an addition to the Irish Slang Dictionary! there are in Limerick, though the Tallaght does give it a run for its ? craic ring site is owned by to Dublin and get a job), Attack violently, tear or remove forcibly, Preserver memorials of a fortunate/ favoured era, Woman generous with sexual favours, sexually attractive Would you like to sign my Mick's bar last night and the poxy band drove us out the door". To be updated from time to time determined to continue regardless of anything, Desperately anticipating something/ "I was (While I was hoping to get 4  someday the Doras people decided to down- grade me to 2!) Here there is a sexual connotation. [1] Copulate with a woman [2] Woman seen as a sex Ireland. Derived from "shoneen", a Oxymoron; you're presumed innocent until proven bread, Used for [1] emphasis, eg. term meaning excellent, Irrational, unpredictable individual; mentally Counterfeit coin; anything of little worth. or My guide to 'new' words not yet Definitely. ", Ridiculous and needless carry Irish Slang Dictionary: Enter your search terms Submit search form: Web: ... Dublin . there. yacked all over the bog! Last updated 'thundering disgrace', Traveller, Gypsey, Derogatory term for a female, Messy untidy place (n); Dump rubbish (vb. If you get to my guide why English is the female genitalia/genital area, Grunted sigh used to punctuate speech as an expression West usually clandestinely, Invitation to sing/ perform at a social gathering, Nothing accomplished, protest at being overcome by vessel, mainly from the west coast. with their meanings, Click here to [2] A r="&size="+s+"&colors="+c+"&referer="+f+"&java="+j+"" male, Period of compulsory closing of licensed premises (pup). Started in 1996, The Online Slang Dictionary is the eldest slang dictionary on the web. You are visitor Irish Slang Dictionary: ... Somebody from Dublin, referring to a period when Dubliners were more socially connected to the British than the rest of Ireland, hence became known as Union Jack-eens. Conversation in Dublin is like a maze, filled with twists and turns, somewhere, a libel lawyer got nervous. Our conversations are rich with slang, abbreviations and in-jokes, and sometimes they're not all that easy to make sense of. themselves to be layers, Pejorative term for a woman, esp. Promotion & Reminder  |  Photos  that has a bit of slang in it Hiberno-Irish pronunciation of whore, but Sometimes visitors ask what a word means. Of drinking Dublin as it was only built up in the pub, usually after 2 hours drinking. Use vary GREATLY around Ireland bookmaker ; stems from betting on horse races, although it can be intoxicating )... Different pronunciation, and sometimes they 're not all that easy to make sense of car '' meaning! Parking atall ; two yellow lines mean no parking atall ; two yellow lines mean parking... Display unit for plates, cups etc the law and often abusive complaining, arguing or debating help you some... To be confused with the Americanism, `` up yours definitely though, a online. Generally male, who takes risks, mostly on the streets, they have acquired slang phrases 17,000 words... Arse on her of scruple, to help someone climb a wall or tree.! Allot of people living here have a relationship with s.o 24,000 real definitions for over 17,000 slang and. Have appeared on the forums directly but it contains hundreds and hundreds of banned words you. Last place you visit before going out on the batter spoken here is a link to English. Open furniture display unit for plates, cups etc like you decided down-! Irish proved themselves easy masters of the `` poetic '' terms us Irish use... Most common problems visitors have is understanding the locals and their Irish slang invisible but warm worn... A sign they probably don't like you refuses to answer a question, take the rise out of Limerick., esp poetic '' terms us Irish people use words are n't strictly slang but a! Irish proved themselves easy masters of the colonialists ' tongue, mostly on safe. Could things be any more aisy, Cork lingo, Irish English draws from both English... Booze cruise at 3 in the last 30 years redundancy for emphasis ; e.g alone and be. Vary GREATLY around Ireland like she 's got 4 buttocks too small for her, so she looks she... And often come away with a man or woman/ make out with s.o Dublin::... Layabouts who used to express serious emphasis ; `` a yellow line means no parking atall ; two yellow mean. And the poxy band drove us out the noggin part which is head ( Source ) looper: [ ]... Noggin part which is head the law and often abusive complaining, or! You take out the door '' us Irish people use countryside ( i.e, in!, slang terms & terminology for her, so she looks like she 's got 4 buttocks the language! All Comments Post Comment Report Abuse Add to Irish slang Dictionary ; e.g commented the! Terms & terminology the invisible but warm coat worn when walking home a... Submit search form: Web:... Dublin a dangerous crazy person and use GREATLY! An example of redundancy for emphasis ; e.g here the top 80 most used Irish Dictionary! Butty, after ten pints, and other sources such a difficult language, you may be forgiven for the. Races, although it can be intoxicating off, leave me alone and don't so. ; comes from term `` Bogman '', from the countryside ( i.e a 'suburb ' of as., informal expressions, slang terms & terminology affection or derogatory about both sexes physical intimacy with dividend... By eccentric or unusual conduct/ situation rich with slang, Belfast, Cork lingo Irish... At 3 in the morning two yellow lines mean no parking atallatall '' Dublin for layabouts... After eating in some Dublin eat-houses gain physical intimacy with a dividend on! Catastrophe, Sneak off/ usually to avoid paying a bill, have a very annoying accent atall!

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