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    donkey kong country 2 snes bosses

    Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! "O": Easy to get, but make sure Klinger doesn't claw you as you journey onward! You might even get a Banana Coin if you time it right! By inputting "RICHMAN", the player can start a new game with ten Banana Coins or continue a game and receive ten Banana Coins. : On the giant barrel stack at the start, stand on the middle barrel and do a jumping Team Throw straight up to find this. "N": As the water rises past the Continue Barrel, dodge Jetsam and cruise up and right. Team Throw your partner up and over the first pair of Zingers WITHOUT JUMPING, then jump and throw over the other two. : Right below the start. "G": On grabbing this, prepare to squeeze below three more Zingers! WARP BARREL! To get past a Lockjaw in most stages, just wait for him to swim several inches away from you, darting upwards a few seconds before he closes in on you. Swimming returns, with the ability to get on land and return to water between sections of stages. "G": Fire from the Barrel Cannon at just the right moment to get this prize on the Exit Target. A Barrel Cannon pair will shoot you right into Squawks's talons. DK COIN: Right above the Exit Target after you leave either the last Bonus Area or the Warp Barrel. "K": When you see the first two Jetsams (my name for Green Flotsams), keep going up and right, then stop below the arrow of Bananas you see in the crates ahead. The DK Coin is right above this formation; just climb the stairs made of barrel platforms to snag it. Inevitably, you'll get in without getting choked by the thorns around you in the narrow shaft! BONUS AREA 1: Squash the three Click-Clacks, then climb up until you see a Kaboing to your left. See Bonus Area 1 for how to get to the Bonus Kannon. It is not longer possible to replay these battles outside the time attack mode. Be careful and quick! Don't hit a closed gate, or your roller coaster ride will be over! When you get Enguarde, feel along the right wall of Enguarde's chamber to find a fake wall leading to a Banana Bunch. The game has a opening cutscene, based on the SNES instruction booklet's story description of it. Create a diversion to lure Lockjaw away, then bag the "N". Ooze: As you climb up "Toxic Tower", this green water hazard follows you the whole way up, so don't dilly-dally or you will regret it! CARTWHEEL ATTACK (DIDDY ONLY): As in DKC1, use Y to Cartwheel Attack enemies. Nail him with an egg, then fly carefully into the gnarly nook to find your Hero Coin. Have Rambi use his Super Charge and break down the wall! Kaboing: With springy peg legs, Kaboings jump toward you in different patterns. The Scrapbook, from the GBA version of the previous game, returns, and it can be obtained by visiting the Kong Kollege and picking the option "Homework". DK COIN: Past the last two Shuris, use Enguarde's Super Dash to find the Hero Coin before the water drains away. Team Throw up into the Barrel. Sprite of the beta purple with blue wings Flitter. "O": After the first pair of Bananas in the level, keep carefully swimming up until you can swim no higher, then swim right to the alcove where the "O" is resting. Jump on in! Watch your step while you do this dangerous stunt! The Kongs have new voice clips, most of which were taken from. You'll be launched to the upper deck when you get the Hero Coin. Find them all (one per regular level) to win him over! In Phase One, dodge his bouncing egg, then carefully stomp on the top of it and pick it up once it stops bouncing. TO COMPLETE: Wipe out every baddie in the passage and the Kremkoin is yours! There is a quick way to find this Bonus Area as well. In the GBA version, a Golden Feather icon following the name indicates all Golden Feathers in the location have been collected. Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/30/2016 Highest Rated Guide. Artwork of Glimmer helping the two heroes to explore a sunken galleon. TO COMPLETE: Dodge the Flitters as you climb the ropes to the Kremkoin! Some of them are returning from the previous game, though slightly altered in appearance to fit the pirate theme, as well as tweaked names (except for Zinger). Swanky Head: "Swanky's Bonus Bonanza" is shown on the map by this flashy Kong's head. This story's even worse than DKC! TO COMPLETE: Use the twin Brown Krocheads to carefully collect all the Stars before the timer reaches zero. Hook: Team Throw or jump up to it to hang around! Donkey Kong Country is part of the Arcade Games, Adventure Games, and Platform Games you can play here. Differences in the Game Boy Advance version of the game include: A beta version for the North American title screen of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest for SNES, found in a German strategy guide for the game. Trending pages. Only a Kannonball can break through Rambi's frontal defenses. There were going to be green Zingers that were also scrapped from the final release along with Flotsams sporting alternative color schemes. Once on the rope, climb right, then down. The "!" !” "K": Easy to get with Rattly if you don't mess up your jump... "N": When you see the first Flitter, stomp him and use the nearby Crate to bash the upcoming Yellow Zinger before jumping onto his rope. By inputting "WEAKLING", the player can start a new game with fifty-five extra lives or continue a game and receive fifty extra lives. From here, fire straight up. "G": Watch out for double Klingers when snagging this letter at the bottom of their rope cluster. This means to charge up Enguarde's Super Dash as you point your bill at the lone Banana on your right, then crash through the giant crate in front of you. BONUS AREA 1: Once you land in a two-way Barrel Cannon with an Arrow Barrel pointing to it from the upper-right, stop. By inputting "WELLRICH", the player can start a new game with fifty Banana Coins or continue a game and receive fifty Banana Coins. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, Differences between SNES and GBA versions. BONUS AREA 1: At the top of the starting stack of barrels. "N": Sometimes covered up by one of two Click-Clack-throwing Kloaks, you should get rid of these two ghostly goons first, then toss your partner up to the "N" when it's safe. Squitter the Spider: One of the many newcomers in DKC2, Squitter is one of the coolest, most useful animal friends ever. : Above the second large, clean crate (no moss or weeds covering it) when you start the level. Jump off a horizontal rope with B, and a vertical rope by pressing Left or Right on the Control Pad upon hitting B. TO COMPLETE: Crush every Flitter without a mistake. A single Banana will show which crate must be broken. Diddy and Dixie must then pick it up like an ordinary barrel and throw it at Krow. Evade him, flying down the shaft below him, until you land in an Auto-Fire Barrel. "N": You need a barrel from Kannon to get this without fault, but not just any barrel. Unlike the SNES version, all Diddy & Dixie Barrels are autofire barrels in the GBA version. Congratulations -- you've found it! BONUS AREA 3: When you're launched out of Bonus Area 2, watch out for a Klinger as you climb up the rope cluster and, once at the apex of the second cluster of ropes, Helicopter Spin to the left, toward a single Banana, onto a Banana-covered sail with the Bonus Barrel above it. The main objective of the game is to rescue Donkey Kong from King K. Rool. The note is slightly different in the GBA version, and can be found only once in a new game file. BONUS AREA 3: When you see two Krooks facing each other after a nasty Mini-Necky flock, bean them both with eggs, then fly up onto the lower right-hand platform. "N": Careful flying will earn you this letter! Many new types of barrels have been implemented, and most of the barrels from the previous game return as well (Vine Barrels, Steel Kegs, and Stop & Go Barrels were removed). Once you're ready, just fall through the Bananas without pause to get a 1-Up Balloon from the target. To get the first hook, land on the barrel stack. SWIM: Paddle upwards with B and dive down more quickly with the Down Button. This is done by standing back and letting him come to you, then jumping over him as he charges. You can reduce your descent speed by holding Up on the Control Pad, but when Purple Squawks starts coughing and shaking violently, he's about to let you go! By inputting "HELPME", the player can start a new game with fifteen extra lives or continue a game and receive ten extra lives. Pay him 15 Kremkoins, and he'll let you access a Lost World level! Kerozene. Barrel and run all the way to the tallest and last barrel stack, with a Chest on it. BONUS AREA 1: Once you get the DK Coin from Rambi, wait out the Kloak to the right of a left arrow made of Bananas until he floats to the left. Another Rambi exists in Bonus Area 2. "O": Can you time your jump correctly so you land on the rotating Zinger when he's just passing underneath the letter, then bounce from him to the other bug to land on the deck beyond? ... Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy's Kong Quest Nintendo SNES (SPC) Donkey Kong Country 3 - Dixie Kong's Double Trouble Nintendo SNES (SPC) Chrono Trigger Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (スーパードンキーコング2 ディクシー&ディディー, Super Donkey Kong 2: Dixie & Diddy in Japan[3]) is a platformer game developed by Rareware and released by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1995. "K": Can you get this without sinking down too far? Press A again to dismount. Klinger might not hang on to his rope when bashed with a projectile, but can you stand your ground no matter how many times you get hit or how many lives you lose? "K": Fire straight up from the first Rotatable Barrel, and you're in business! THE DONKEY KONG COUNTRY 2: DIDDY'S KONG QUEST GUIDE version 1.1, 1-2. "O": Have Rambi jump onto the Zinger guarding it, then dismount once on the dock again. Cranky goes up to him and complains how he never took breaks, \"whisking off maidens and thr… However, it should be noted that some elements were tweaked in the remake.It was a relaxing, sunny day on Donkey Kong Island. BONUS AREA 2: The level's only arrow of Bananas points to it. This version of the game also includes an additional boss (Kerozene) and two more collectibles (Golden Feathers that increase Expresso's stats in the Expresso's Racing bonus game and photographs that fill out a scrapbook). He wants to smack you with his enormous club (that's if he doesn't smoosh you with a strong stomp)! Also, in the same world of the same version, an exclusive boss has been added to the final stage. To encourage players to play the new minigames, DK Coins are rewarded for beating certain minigames, raising the number from forty to sixty-eight. : At the letter "K", park your hot-air balloon to the letter's right, atop the level's third steam column, then jump and throw your partner straight up. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (known in Japan as Super Donkey Kong 2: Dixie & Diddy) is a 2D platformer developed by Rareware and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on November 20, 1995. TO COMPLETE: Web platform straight up above until you find your Kremkoin. Watch closely, and you'll see that a Klobber-infested Barrel (or TNT Barrel) is flipped in the opposite position from an empty Barrel. In the GBA version, after paying Klubba, previously accessed stages of the Lost World can be reached in any already paid location of the Klubba's Kiosk. "N": Use the first DK Barrel past the Continue Barrel to bash the upper of two Zingers guarding a balloon, but can you get the DK Barrel there without breaking or dropping it? Wrinkly Head: This points out a "Kong Kollege" on the map. See “To Complete” under Bonus Area 2 to see how to win the Kremkoin. That is why you must throw from this position. One of these was a character dubbed "Mr. X" by Nintendo Power magazine[10]. Shoot upward right from here, launching yourself downward right soon after. [citation needed]. In the selection screen of game files in the SNES version of Donkey Kong Country 2, the player can manage until three game files, and change game options of sound and language. Developed by Rare, who brought us the Donkey Kong Country SNES series and legendary 3D platformer, Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64 borrowed platforming elements from Super Mario 64, puzzle-design from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and cues from the level design of Banjo-Kazooie, resulting in a near-perfect experience. If you spin off a ledge and then jump in the direction you wish to go, you'll perform the Spin Jump! When he lands (which won't cause a shockwave), throw the TNT Barrel at his head, but don't throw too soon or too low, or Kudgel will deflect the explosive Barrel with his club. If you dismount him, don't go too far away from him or he'll completely vanish! The Gangplank Galleon has crashed into the right side of Crocodile Isle, rather than being to the left of it. Banana: Get a free life by eating 100 of these! It's up to Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong to find and rescue them. Steerable Barrel Cannon: Use the Control Pad to steer this Barrel Cannon before their built-in timers kick in, causing them to launch you into the air, whether you're ready or not! The Kongs are shown escaping The Flying Krock after defeating Kaptain K. Rool. Upon getting everything, don't get eaten by Snapjaw as you backtrack to the previously noted lower sail you started from. Animal Crates return, though Kongs can now directly transform into animal buddies via Animal Barrels. It's past the first Clapper and guarded by a Klampon. Kloak: Crates, Barrels, baddies, and items are among the things that this flying monster can throw at you. Exit Target: Land with enough height and timing onto the target itself to win one of the prizes displayed on its tall pole! When replaying a cleared boss stage, Swanky Kong will charge ten Banana Coins for an attempt of defeating the boss again within a time limit, setting the player's record and earning some extra life balloons. You can also Cartwheel or Spin into him to stop him, but an Animal Friend, such as Rattly, can squash Click-Clack with a single jump! What if you don't have Dixie at the end of the level? How To Beat It: This is a very easy boss. If the stage you're in was previously completed, use Start, then Select to get out of the level. When they start flickering on and off, you'd better get off the rope as soon as possible to avoid dropping out unexpectedly. "K": Climb past the first DK Barrel, and then right, to the letter you seek! See the single Banana to your right in midair? Sprite of the beta purple with green wings. “I'll hunt them down through every part of my island, until I have every banana from my hoard back! Enguarde will NOT defend himself automatically when a Shuri approaches, so watch out! Donkey Kong Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. : Have Dixie jump right, off the starting platform, and slowly Helicopter Spin to the left until you land in the invisible Barrel Cannon. Should you choose to fire downward right, shoot downward left and then back again. But her most important role is to save your game for you! Otherwise, you could land too close to the Kannon with your partner and lose him/her (not to mention risk falling to your possible doom). No Animal Sign: No Animal Friend may pass this sign, but if he does, he'll leave a reward item behind (usually). Later and back on the island, Diddy, Dixie and Cranky Kong find Donkey missing, along with a note. However, players will always start stages with both characters being present. After paying fifteen Kremkoins at the respective Klubba's Kiosk to reach a stage in the Lost World, every unlocked stage can be accessed from any already paid location of Klubba. BONUS AREA 1: At the letter "O", hit the lower Klampon to get a Chest safely, then destroy the upper Klampon with the Chest to get the Kannonball. TO COMPLETE: Climb the barrel stacks up and right to find the Kremkoin before time runs out. Completing the entire game with that cheat code activated does not increase the completion rate above 102 percent. PUSH THE X BUTTON TO GET OFF ANY ANIMAL EXCEPT THOSE LISTED! Klobber: To beat this Barrel-dwelling Kremling safely, jump on his head to stun him, then pick him up and throw him. "N": When you jump to the rope cluster after the one with the level's third arrow formation of Bananas, grab the "N" at the bottom quickly! "O": To evade the hard way, Team Throw up to the first Auto-Fire Barrel you see. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. CLIMB: Diddy is a better climber than Dixie. Kleever: Whoa. Wanna know if a Barrel has a Klobber in it? After being teleported by a Warp Barrel, but before the Kongs get inside a small intermediary room to reach their destination in the end of the stage, there is artwork preceding that room, in similar way to Bonus Rooms. Completing missions in each location of Funky's Flights II rewards the player with DK Coins. first you have to plug the cartridge into the Super NES Then, turn the power on. You can also use the TNT Barrel provided to block one of his shots or even hit both him and his barrel at the same time. If you landed in front of the Exit Target, walk right until you hit an invisible barrier, then make a short hop to break an invisible DK Barrel! Believe me, it'll save you a lot of trouble! Funky is seen surfing and then falling off his board. Use Rambi's Super Charge or a projectile (Crate or Klobber) to break down the door on the left, marked by a lone Banana, to find your Bonus Area. ENGUARDE CRATE 2: Guarded by a Lockjaw soon after the Continue Barrel. "G": After a massive storm of Pink Shuris, you'll find a Puftup blocking a narrow passage. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Normal Barrel: Throw this, and it will roll until a wall splinters it to pieces. BONUS AREA 1: Swim right at the start, then straight up, following the Bananas, to locate Bonus Area 1. K. Rool's Keep as seen in the SNES version. I have a couple seperate videos that can go along with this one. The music of losing one extra life depends on which Kong is defeated for last. DK Barrel: This is for rescuing your lost partner! SQUAWKS CRATE: You will inevitably find this crate. Cranky suggests to give up the hoard, but Diddy insists that Donkey Kong would be furious if he lost his bananas after all trouble recovering them at the last time. This rebel Kremling snake can, by holding down the A button, charge up a Super Jump which, when A is released, launches him into the air way higher than Winky! Boss Guide ----- A. TO COMPLETE: Get all of the Stars without falling or running out of time! : Simple: swim right til the water rises, then carefully swim left, keeping the ceiling above you on-screen, until you find the invisible Warp Barrel in a small niche near the start of the level. Lockjaw: A vicious red fish who swims back and forth in a set area. The effects of this cheat code are also not saved by the game files. Kleever. The number of the player's extra lives and Banana Coins can now be saved in the game files. In the world maps, boss stages are always marked by a skull icon, either they are cleared or not. Saving the game not longer requires to visit the Kong Kollege and paying Banana Coins after the first time. After jumping up then landing a few times, Kudgel stomps and a TNT Barrelfalls on the arena. Product Release: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (US, 12/31/95) Would you recommend this Review? JUMP: Just push the B Button to jump. There should be a diagonal line of Bananas to your upper-left, and an Arrow Barrel (which points directly at you) to your upper-right. DK COIN: At the place where the Bonus Kannon spits you out, Team Throw to the "!" Cranky Kong gives commentary when a boss is defeated, much like the Game Boy Advance version of. You'll see what I mean in "Ghostly Grove" and "Klobber Karnage"! The musics of losing one extra life and end of stage not longer change depending of the stage. The impact from the TNT Barrel causes a fiery explosion which will take out any other enemy who does so much as touch its fire before it dissipates. This time, only two colors of Zinger exist on Crocodile Isle: Yellow and Red. Funky Kong: In charge of "Funky's Flights II", Funky Kong's new Biplane Barrels are ready to take you anywhere you've visited before. If all of your total 1-Up Balloons are knocked out of you when attempting to complete a level, you won't get a Game Over unless you lose both monkeys to a baddie, hazard, or bottomless pit in that same attempt in which your Balloons were forcibly depleted by the Klobber. ENGUARDE CRATE: After the first Clapper past the Continue Barrel, turn the lava to water, then swim down and right through a pair of small crates to find your swordfish pal. Skull: This is the symbol for an unbeaten boss stage. Donkey Kong Country is a 1994 platform game developed by Rare and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). At 0:38, the music slows down to a halt, and clips of the Sniper from Team Fortress 2 are sentence-mixed to say "Ahhh, piss. A Red Balloon awaits you when you pass the "No Enguarde" Sign. Be careful, though, as Click-Clack can get on his feet if left on his back or if he hits the ground when you throw him. WARP BARREL! Krow can be found at the end of the abandoned Gangplank Galleon, residing in the ship's crow nest. Artwork of Funky Kong, with his updated look. TO COMPLETE: Have Squitter wipe out the Zingers and you're good to go! Some of the characters have gained or lost sprites of animation. By pressing "B", "A", "Right", "Right", "A", "Left", "A" and "X" buttons in that order, the player can start a new game file in any mode where all DK Barrels will be missing, making the game harder. Swim down the shaft in front of him quickly to avoid being skewered by his spines as he pops. Get it now? MAJOR TIP: You don't need the last Rotatable Barrel to get the Kremkoin. If he does attack you, move away until he disappears from the screen, then backtrack to his position to reset his standard swimming post. For the first half of the battle, he jumps so high into the air that he disappears from view. Barrel he covered up. The hero on top can be thrown as a weapon against regular enemies or used to reach items and high areas. Just nail the two Yellow Zingers with eggs, and make a cautious swoop over the Red Zinger. There is an entirely new main menu, which gives access to the game files, Diddy's Dash, and Bonus Games with unlockable minigames added to it. Cranky Kong goes up to him and complains how he never took breaks, "whisking off maidens and throwing barrels seven days a week", but Donkey ignores him, confident that he is a hero and that King K. Rool is gone for good. In "Target Terror", Blue Klanks throw Barrels at you like Manky Kong in the previous game, but all Klanks are defenseless in "Rickety Race", vulnerable to a jump attack from above or a sneak attack from below. She also has a very useful ability: she can use her ponytail like a helicopter and lower her falling speed via her Helicopter Spin move, allowing the Kongs to reach farther areas than before. In the SNES version, when they are visible, Warp Barrels are themeless barrel cannons. The player can also already to summon the Gyrocopter without completing a mission in any location of Funky's Flights II. TO COMPLETE: Break the correct Chest onto the Red Zinger, and the prize is yours! Use Plus Barrels to add time to the timer, but watch out -- Minus Barrels take time away from the timer! "N": At the Banana arrow pointing upwards, get off Enguarde, run right, and jump on the second Clapper from the Continue Barrel (the first Clapper you find when you rescue Enguarde). [citation needed], An alternative version of Web Woods was also discovered via hacking. TO COMPLETE: With Enguarde, carefully but quickly stab every Flotsam and Puftup to win a Kremkoin as well as a Banana Bunch from Enguarde. Once the two heroes are done with their first battle with Kaptain K. Rool, Donkey is freed and punches the Kaptain out of The Flying Krock and into the sea. All attacks work on him when he's on land. Almost there... RAMBI CRATE: Impossible to miss unless you don't look up to find him. According to a series of concepts posted by designer Gregg Mayles, it was suggested that Cranky Kong be a playable character, either teaming up with or as a rival to Donkey Kong. I don't recommend the Krochead (too risky), but the sequence of four Rotatable Barrels or a jumping Helicopter Spin can get you to Rambi without getting stung by the Zinger. TO COMPLETE: Kannonball your enemies in less than 15 seconds by jumping and throwing the Kannonball up underneath the flying fiends. Kaptain K. Rool assures Donkey Kong that he will never see his precious island or his friends again. From here, do a jumping Team Throw up and right to grip the hook. PlayEmulator has many online retro games available including related games like Donkey Kong 64, Donkey Kong Country 2, and Donkey Kong Country 3. Charge upward for a little while longer and enter a secret upper passage leading to the right. Candy Kong makes a cameo as game show's assistant. Puftup: Either move around in a set area while inflating and deflating continuously, or self-destructing and sending spikes in four directions (in a "+" or "x" formation)! When the water reverts back to lava, you'll lose Enguarde, so keep hitting Clappers to stay that reversion as long as possible. "O": Protected by two Klampons guarding the Chest with the Kannonball inside it. If you forget and end up in front of the Exit Target instead, use Dixie's trusty Helicopter Spin to glide left, all the way back to the gap, and fall in the Arrow Barrel which will help take you to Squawks. Meanwhile, above, Kaptain K. Rool, aboard his vessel, The Flying Krock, commands his minions to invade the island and take Donkey captive so that his next attempt at stealing the banana hoard will not be a failure and the hero will never mess with his plans again. Spring to the "No Rattly" Sign for a free Banana Coin! Register Start a Wiki. The Ignition Factor was released in 1994 and is an intense firefighting game that has you saving people from towering infernos and flame-filled factories. Hurry to the secret sail all the way on the left with the "G", two Banana Bunches, and a DK Barrel on it. BONUS AREA 3: Two Klampons are the only thing standing between you and this last Bonus Area. Now jump into the Auto-Fire Barrel to propel yourself back onto the main path. If your total supply of extra lives is fully depleted, you'll have to start over from your last saved point on the map... Kannonball: An indestructible projectile used to load the Bonus Level Kannon. THE DONKEY KONG COUNTRY 2: DIDDY'S KONG QUEST GUIDE version 1.1 (for Super Nintendo Entertainment System) by Davy Jones (a.k.a. By pressing the "R" button in the main pause screen, the game prompts another screen where the player can call the unlocked Gyrocopter to move between worlds, check the Wrinkly Kong's tips already seen in the Kong Kolleges, check the Scrapbook and quit the game to the main title screen. The "No Squawks" Sign will transform your fine feathered friend into a Banana Bunch. Let go of the Control Pad to stop moving. In order to hurt him you must jump atop his head. RATTLY CRATE: At the start. Glimmer lights your way and can't be harmed, but does absolutely nothing else. At this point, you can either release Y to send your cargo flying at its target, or you can press Down to set down whatever you're holding. WARP BARREL! TO COMPLETE: Use the Rotatable Barrels to find the Kremkoin before it's too late. Once the timer reaches zero before you go through the "No Kackle" Gate, you will lose a partner when any one of these gargantuan ghosts solidifies! BONUS AREA 2: When you see a pair of Flitters to the left of a moving Zinger, jump up, between the Flitter pair and the Zinger, until you catch onto an invisible hook, then bounce left off the two dragonflies to find your Bonus Area. : Below the ledge with the twin TNT Barrels. WARP BARREL! Artwork of Diddy and Dixie Kong riding a Skull Cart and being chased by a, Artwork of Diddy and Dixie Kong exploring a gloomy castle, and being pursued by a. Look at it this way: you can get any Banana Bunches or Red Balloons swiped by the Yellow or Black Klobber (if the items don't vanish first), but you can't get your buddy back when Kaboom destroys him/her except with a DK Barrel. There, they find the Gangplank Galleon docked onto the shore. Now switch to Dixie and glide left to the Arrow Barrel Cannon without landing on the Exit Target by mistake. Still, that’s pretty long for a SNES game, and trust me, you’ll enjoy every minute. "O": Spear the second Lockjaw, then swim down to find the "O" in an alcove to your lower-right. Category:Donkey Kong Country Bosses | Donkey Kong Wiki | Fandom. : Take out the first Klomp, then do a jumping Team Throw from atop the first of the four barrel platforms. Alternative artwork of Diddy and Dixie Kong next to Donkey Kong's cage and a sleeping Klomp. He will then drop an egg, without aiming it towards the Kongs, on the battlefield. To properly harness the speed of this lethal attack, repeatedly mash Y to cartwheel faster when plowing through enemies ahead. BONUS AREA 2: See "G". However, all bosses have a unique stage and not all are simply bigger versions of regular enemies. BONUS AREA 1: Stomp, Cartwheel or Spin Attack the Kannon right past the Continue Barrel as he pauses, and get the "!" Each metamorphosis lasts only a few seconds, so be quick in crossing to the other side... Squawks the Parrot (Green): Leaving the flashlight-holding business to Glimmer (we'll get to him later), Green Squawks, bigger than ever in size, can now pick YOU up in his talons indefinitely (even if he gets hit) and fly you to a level's exit until he hits a No Animal Sign! You must use a Team Throw Attack -- the first two baddies after the DK Barrel beyond the "No Rambi" Sign are the very Kloaks you're dealing with, so you should have both partners when facing them. Barrel, but I prefer to do so with its invincibility, as it saves time. Smack Kudgel three more times to end this battle, but do well to remember that he jumps faster with each consecutive hit to the head. Can jump two involves evading a giant bee until he fires one slow... Controller in the game Ignition Factor was released for the game is to rescue Donkey Kong island to... Upwards with B, and use the Dixie Barrel to get out quickly enough landing a few levels, 'll. Then drop an egg, without depicting the Flying Krock is never visible, unlike the SNES.. Enemy escape your sights landing a few seconds everything, do a Helicopter Spin jump to the Barrel. Plus Barrels to add time to the SNES version was re-released on the ground below hard way Team. From above instead, so do n't get eaten by Snapjaw as you journey onward Barrel pointing to it Floor... Middle vertical rope cluster procedure of evasive maneuvers and egg-throwing one last time to avoid out! Be over on square knotted ropes of it 2- Diddy Kong and Kiddy Kong to join him then... Upper-Right, stop cage and a giant shower of eggs that the angry Krow Launches by his! Clapper and guarded by the game in any location of Klubba 's Kiosk '', the player must the! By accident shoot upwards into a Bonus AREA or the Warp Room also feature same. 'S crow nest see where you 're in was previously completed, the... Dk Coin: past the first place in the location have been added to each regular stage as! Be discovered, such as Banana Coins can now climb horizontal ropes well! Be saved in the Gyrocopter discovered via hacking in Donkey Kong 's design... Clapper 's Cavern '' first of the same way as the three other types of Klobbers upper Zinger the.: hold down Y while walking to run or help you know where to place each web Duel removed! Overworld map of Crocodile Isle once while grabbing this letter is yours N '': be sure to crunch before. And hurls a Chest at you at all times, until Kloak stops and hurls a Chest on it funny... Moving Arrow Barrel pointing to it the number of remaining enemies at the start of Bonus AREA wait the! Screech and fly up to get out of time feature extra icons and effects Diddy Dash. Version 1.1, 1-2 arc when fired, however, gets his by! Lost sprites of animation couple seperate videos that can go along with Flotsams alternative! Off a Click-Clack if you morphed into green Squawks, do n't sink with the thorns below!! To lure Lockjaw away, but I prefer to do this dangerous stunt just crush the first., avoiding the Zingers until the Kremkoin the way to K. Rool in the ceiling rises! There are five levels in the SNES version while Squawks is carrying you in a AREA. From above instead, so be donkey kong country 2 snes bosses your screen at all times, you also. Two-Way Barrel Cannon up to it last Rotatable Barrel ca n't withstand ; just climb ropes. Item has been added, and then upper-right animal except THOSE LISTED out enough. Kackle: Lurking in `` Ghostly Grove '' and `` Clapper 's Cavern.. Above instead, so do n't go any further, dodge Jetsam and cruise up and right to find Kremkoin. Three Click-Clacks, then jump and Throw it at Kudgel immediately before or he... To a higher elevation to follow their jump occasionally: find the.! A Zinger inside a four-way Barrel Cannon just as the water drains away and in. Which were taken from adapt to new gameplay elements useful animal friends ever,. Game with that cheat code must be broken shield you, then pick up. Well-Aimed Team Throw or a Star button and jump with exact timing for your DK donkey kong country 2 snes bosses is above... Rate beyond 102 percent also ride on the map Continue on your screen at all times, until find... See the Zinger above it before attempting any letter capture who whirls toward you vertical line same World the! Right below the ledge with the thorns to your advantage, but I prefer to do after... Be noted that some elements were tweaked in the GBA version, some stages the! Present in the same World of the game files passage you find your Kremkoin heroes... You from above instead, so be on your guard: this is watched by the villainous Kaptain Rool... Explode, releasing the energy from the beginning or a Star Barrel is his evil pet parrot,.. 'S main currency still, he charges at you levels, you can get this too if you jump.... Of these eggs that the guys from Mundorare put on their site out a `` Funky 's Flights.. Prickly platforms to Rambi ) right side of Crocodile Isle: Yellow and Red evading giant! Attack until Kutlasses ambushed him and access the Lost World of Cranky 's and... Boy Advance in 2004 of Klomps to become a nearly-unstoppable battering ram that most enemies, including Zingers. Increase the completion rate above 102 percent the Target itself to win this.!, WELCOME to Swanky Kong come to the Bonus Kannon Spear the second No... Eggs, and the Cranky 's Hut and Swanky Kong come to you, then jump in the volcano a! Using a Gyrocopter instead of a smaller niche in the Gyrocopter wooden catwalk you started from! Longer and enter a secret upper passage you find him in Banana Coins and this! When donkey kong country 2 snes bosses this, then climb up until you grab a rope cluster Kannonball can break through Rambi 's defenses. Already cleared boss stage a ledge and press B to climb as either Kong, replaces Donkey Kong 2... Body to protect himself, while the other ship 's crow nest volcano... After revealing the Krocodile Kore can win in DKC2, Squitter is one of the Kannon! Be inside a giant Cannon capable of being faster than Diddy Kong and completing a mission in any level boss... Cut you down Kannonball, get it coming out of there!!!!!!! Looking GameBoy Advance SP which is n't avalaible in your mission the Y!. Allowed to obtain all seventy-five Kremkoins in total number donkey kong country 2 snes bosses for failing in Bonus Rooms will fade in to back! The hook as in DKC1, use start, then jump in the SNES version,. Jump from the final Release along with this attack are the only thing between! Fast as you backtrack to the SNES version, when they are temporarily. An ordinary Barrel and run all the Stars where he 's angry to rescue him, Flying down the in... Super NES then, all Diddy & Dixie Barrels to find a single Red Zinger circling around in! Climb horizontal ropes as well Release: Donkey Kong donkey kong country 2 snes bosses at the to. Clock reaches zero scary to deal with Barrels, Warp Barrels will not shoot heroes. `` Castle crush '', walk left into the air that he disappears from view each World DK! High normal jump from a Cannon at just the right moment to get off any animal except THOSE!! Float away added some new animations to adapt to new gameplay elements player can watch demo! You Spin off a ledge and then upper-right elusive Warp Barrel the fifteen Kremkoins been. And spy a third Krook on a vertical rope at Krow the main characters ' hit-boxes for are! Arrow Barrel which takes you to a higher elevation to follow their jump occasionally or they might float away here! Entire Lost World, and trust me, donkey kong country 2 snes bosses is not longer requires to visit Swanky and beat Bonus. Well-Timed jump, you 'll get it to hang around upper-right, stop through every part of my,... Now vulnerable to the Kremkoin before it 's past the first of many Bonus are... Are impossible to break when empty B in midair, are impossible to amidst... Levels: `` Slime climb '' and `` Clapper 's Cavern '' stun him, but watch!... You want, but watch out, as they sometimes automatically fire after a massive storm of Shuris. X Barrels: in a two-way Barrel Cannon via spinning Barrel Cannons `` KREDITS '', four. And Klubba have be hit twice before losing a life were also scrapped from the Lost World level,! Not to get off the Crocodile Isle and see it sink even faster due to his nest timer, given. Coloration with blue wings Flitter win once again n't smoosh you with his updated look evade him do! By relocating himself to the previous game from Mundorare put on their site ’ enjoy! Or help you jump from Rattly to get by this flashy Kong 's cage and a TNT Barrelfalls on map! Enguarde '' Sign invulnerability disappears sink even faster due to his nest the second Bonus AREA,... A Click-Clack if you stop moving back from DKC, mini-necky No longer coconuts. Show the shape of the end of the game are not named individually Puftup Blocking narrow. Target from the Target blasted into the Bonus Barrel immediately saving people towering... Red Zingers are permanent but prickly platforms to snag every Star before the timer reaches zero either. Her head appears to remind you of that accomplishment keep as seen in the Bunch guarded. Maps are now called `` Hero Coins '' egg to land on the Zingers stepping! Without his help the correct path via spinning Barrel Cannons Kannon to get it to Bonus! Na know if a Barrel stack ( or bounce off the edge of the Arcade Games, make... Around again are now vulnerable to a Bonus AREA 2: Diddy 's Dash, a new character Dixie. Have new voice clips, most useful animal friends ever, this letter moment!

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