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    why should i go to upenn

    I’m not sure if the student loans are worth it, or if I should withdraw and apply RD to other … School pride: I think so. Now, you have the precious opportunity both to explore broadly and to focus intensely on what matters most to you. However, it is easy to get stuck in a rut and never go "off campus" and into the city, staying within the confines of some 10 blocks or so. At Penn, I’m part of the design department for the Daily Pennsylvanian, a social media editor for 34th Street, Penn’s arts and culture magazine, a member of the Spring Fling planning committee, and an Upstander Initiative mentor. Locust walk is where most students spend their time: either walking between classes, sitting at a table or on the green eating lunch, or flyering for their club. The tutors behind Varsity Tutors are not just here to teach – they’re sharing their college experiences as well. If you are still interested in Penn, you are welcome to re-apply during the next application cycle. Everyone loves Penn's administration, ask anyone on Locust how they feel about Amy Guttman and you'll understand. One complaint might be that the culture is too pre-professional, but Penn has a great liberal arts program as well. West Philly, despite the bad rap it gets for crime, has great old colonial rowhouses, some farmer's markets, a park close to campus, and really excellent restaurants. I spend most of my time in the Van Pelt library or in my apartment (Harrison high rise). If you are a Wharton student you should contact the Legal Studies & Business Ethics Department Advisor at, and discuss how you plan to satisfy the Minor. also, location-wise, penn is the perfect combination. People just know how to find balance here. Too small. To remain compliant with EU laws we would like to inform that this site uses cookies. Because we want you to pursue your passion and combine it with purpose. When I tell people I go to UPenn, they say "Main Campus?" so you can come up with as many … A lot of people don’t really know what they want to do after University or their MBA. Too hard/too much work. The Penn Computer Engineering (CMPE) major emphasizes design and engineering. But, as evidenced from how involved everyone is, work rarely gets too overwhelming. Penn students don’t have to pick between urban energy or a traditional campus. It’s a pretty exciting place to be, whether on campus or even just a few steps off. I love love love Penn! Now, as a current student in the College of Arts and Sciences, I couldn’t be happier with my decision. After three years at Penn, you begin to feel like the administration is a business whose sole interest is money, rather than student well-being. Whether it’s throwing toast at Homecoming, screaming at midnight with your 600+ classmates the night before your first Econ midterm, or attending the freshman toga party there’s something special about each of these silly rituals. Start a business, manage a clothing brand, or even build a new car – with a degree from Wharton you can go wherever your path leads you and be more effective in the career you choose. People worry that the amount of people at Penn inherently means that the student body is fragmented, but in reality the number of people does not detract from the campus' unity. Penn is a great big mess of people all trying to get along. There are a wealth of opportunities for undergraduate students to join faculty, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers on research across all disciplines. people from the south - "Why'd you go to school all the way in Pennsylvania?" Overall, I find my school to be a great environment for college students. Our classes are challenging and intellectually rigorous, but at the same time, they’re … The people at Penn are amazing. My senior year of high school I applied to 19 schools. Downtown Philly is awesome, although I do wish I had more time to check it out. Not a college town, but a college neighborhood within a big city. I wanted to get some input on why some people chose UPenn over other great schools that may have offered admission to them(any other Ivy/any other top school). 408 Views 1 Reply 0 points … Ergo it does not drain. Each summer, USC professors go with approximately 40 students to a rotating destination in Europe to teach the same class that they would on campus, but in 7 intensive weeks. I’m so lucky to be a part of this place.’”. Why should I go to Tufts? - At home or in academic buildings. Not a college town. So what does this mean for you? The location is wonderful - you have access to a large city, yet the convenience of one unified campus; you have the opportunity to take classes in historic buildings, yet you can also take hands-on classes in the West Philadelphia community. Enterprising students use this website to learn AP class material, study for class quizzes and tests, and to brush up on course material before the big exam day. The admin staff in general does not care about you, and makes every effort to make you feel as uncomfortable and pissed off as you can. We went on a service trip to an AIDS home in Philly, where I saw one poor invalid whose room was festooned with photographs from his former life. Also there's always something going on, regardless of what day of the week it is. Where do I spend most of my time on campus? Penn has a university campus within a major city, and students spend more time exploring downtown Philly after exhausting University City's shopping, restaurants, and bars. You should begin by talking to faculty and staff of the Ph.D. program you are interested in regarding the program’s requirements. I’m currently a rising sophomore, so I’ve been at UPenn for one year so far. Hmm, I think Penn is just right in size for me - not too large or small. School size - I like it. The dorms have a lot of programming to get the Halls together and involved. At times, Penn can feel too large, however, once you settle down with your group of friends, it doesn't feel large anymore. As far as sports go, there are certain groups of people who get into it, and I definitely like going to football and basketball games(no one cares about any other sport). Consulting is a safe way to figure out what career is right for you by trying out different industries, roles and locations. You won't find as much UPenn gear in the country as Penn State, but school spirit can still be strong. I would pick UPenn if you want a nice campus experience, focus on academic excellence (though it is still called the party ivy), location (Philly, $20 return bus ride to NYC) and many other reasons. We get both. The university has taken difficult positions on issues like music piracy, and also promotes free speech like few other institutions (and not just free speech for those who agree with the administration or majority of students!). Most of the resources are worthless and fraught with incompetence, Philadelphia is a violent and dirty hole in the ground and the social scene at Penn is, for the most part, about as grand as a box turtle since most people are so dull. You can guarantee that come finals time you'll see everyone you know in the library. It depends a lot in which school you're in (SAS, SEAS, Wharton, etc) but in my experience I have had the worst and the best advisors. ... As one way to characterize where you might go as a Computer Engineer, we have identified a set of role models* that … The opportunities for exploration, learning, and helping a community are unparalleled at any university. It has some of the best programs in linguistics, psychology and urban studies. Most frequent student complaints - Locust Walk is flat. Your dedication to learning is part of what drew you here, and part of what we found so appealing about you. I really like Penn. ... For all of you prospective students, I hope this gave you a nice little insight to why you should apply to MIT. Penn doesn't have much of a "campus" but it is a great college experience. Brittany is a Miami tutor specializing in Algebra tutoring, MCAT prep tutoring, Chemistry tutoring, and more.She is a 2013 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. ... and Material Science and Engineering, email Abby Whittington at Opinion of the administration - some things they do well (capital campaigning, security) and some things they don't (speeches, managing conferences). The biggest recent controversy was last year when a person dressed as a suicide bomber for halloween party wanted to take a picture with his "gun" at Guttman's head. the best thing about Penn is the location of the campus. Everybody on campus goes through these moments together knowing every Penn student before them has done the same. The dad asked me what I thought his daughter should do. We call it the "Penn Bubble" because we are so involved here but still take trips into center city on the weekends and for other fun occasions. Top 10 reasons to come to Wharton. About . People complain that it's too big and impersonal but trust me there's so many student services as well as nice faculty that are glad to help you out if you act as an adult and take the initiative to seek help. Some undergrads also get internships downtown, especially communications majors (eg, with local tv stations, newspapers, magazines, pr firms). The ten minute walk between Engineering and the high rise dorms is just bearable enough, and the public transportation, albeit a little shitty, is so incredibly convenient. While the city adds a particularly lively element to the classic college experience, Penn’s traditions are what make me most excited. We were quite a few exchange students so making friends was very easy (full time students require a bit more effort to get to know). Even though Penn is technically large, it definitely doesn't feel it - I run into people I know all the time! The resources available to students are phenomenal, however in some of the schools grading can be a bit tough. Understand the Customer. My friends. Hi! Disclosure: EducationDynamics receive compensation for the featured schools on our websites (see “Sponsored Schools” or “Sponsored Listings” or “Sponsored Results”). That’s why we’ve brought in real student videos to show how Cornell University social life differs from Penn U of PA U-Penn U of P Pennsylvania UPenn Pennsylvania University University of Pennsylvania Wharton Wharton School of Business. You can live within one or two blocks of the usual dorms and buildings, pay the same or even less than a dorm, and have your own apartment with your own furniture, and make it feel like a home. How do people react when I tell them I go to Penn? You don’t need a car or bike on campus, although it is nice to have one when you want to … Perhaps most importantly was this unique balance of city and campus. Click to scroll back to the top. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. The college town is amazing. That is possibly the most important essay. My dad said that he will most likely be able to afford to pay $1,500 a month but that won’t make a dent in the payment. But we're pretty apathetic about athletics. I love seeing friends on Locust Walk. My favorite course has been chemistry since freshmen year and this is the path I want to follow in college. Penn is also called the “Social Ivy,” and it really is. Among scholars and those who went to Ivy Leagues, it is well known. Program outcomes vary according to each institution’s specific program curriculum. Your UPenn essay is an important part of your application. The only thing I would complain about the student body is that everyone works very very hard, which creates a lot of pressure. In this excerpt from his new book, professor Mauro Guillén forecasts the impacts of middle classes surging in China and India but shrinking in the U.S. and Europe. I don't think Penn has that much school pride. College town - it'd be more correct to say that Penn is a Philadelphia university than to say that Philadelphia is a college town. it's making the school look really bad because they're doing this giant cover up. Eventually, I realized the “Penn pros” were simply incomparable to those of other colleges. The most unusual thing about UPenn is that the social circles tend to feel very small and everyone knows everyone and everyone talks about everyone. Including me. I will always remember New Student Orientation (NSO) and Spring Fling. Also, the location is great as well. I use to think the dorms were awful, but then I saw other universities' dorms. If I could change anything at Penn I would change this. it's the heartbeat of the campus. Coming to Penn is easily the best decision I ever made. They comprise the broad intellectual fields of the Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences and lay a foundation for intellectual inquiry and skills that you … (I'm from Georgia) When surgeons start doing the same procedure in a new hospital, their patients’ mortality rates go up even … I’m currently a rising sophomore, so I’ve been at UPenn for one year so far. If your current status does not align with the priority codes noted, you will need to wait until the waitlist opens. It's about realizing that your friend is the Girls State Chess Champ or won national titles playing tennis. I would change the weather. Penn is also located in West Philadelphia, a fact that the admissions people tend to neglect. Why Pursue a BSE in Computer Engineering? We love to have fun. Basically, everyone has a type A personality. They don't know it's Ivy League. We appreciate that attending Penn is a tradition for many families, so an applicant’s affiliation with Penn, either by being a child or grandchild of alumni, is given the most consideration through Early Decision. Penn is a great school with great people. West Philadelphia is not the nicest or safest place in the world. Controversy regarding Islamo Facism Week. The impression I get is that our alumni haven't historically been rich as individuals necessarily, but that as a community they gave back a lot to the school. It is interesting that I got this question because I’ve been in the Philadelphia area this week. Compensation may impact where the Sponsored Schools appear on our websites, including whether they appear as a match through our education matching services tool, the order in which they appear in a listing, and/or their ranking. If someone wants to attend UPenn, they should be doing it because they want to, not that they are being forced, or they will truly detest their time here. Size: just right. Furthermore, it is one of the best colleges in terms of engaging and serving the community. The top 10 reasons why you should go to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). What was the biggest recent controversy on campus? Spring fling is just around the corner, the best party in the Northeast. An additional reason you might want to go into consulting is that it’s a safe bet. I'm Colleen! Why should I go to Tufts? The biggest controversy was last Halloween when Amy Gutmann hosted a halloween costume party and a kid came dressed as a terrorist and Amy Gutmann posed in a picture with him. We live in the city, there's no such thing as a college town here. How people react: they immediately become more interested in what I'm saying because they assume I'm a genius. Our websites do not provide, nor are they intended to provide, a comprehensive list of all schools (a) in the United States (b) located in a specific geographic area or (c) that offer a particular program of study. The second best part goes hand in hand with the campus: you have the option of living "off campus" without actually being off campus. Like most schools it has its pros and cons but overall it is a wonderful university. I just completed sophomore year. Every high school student has to go through the tough process of filling out college applications. In a couple months, I start my senior year, and I have been looking at the colleges I would like to potentially attend. When you walk down Locust Walk, you feel like you're part of a true college environment. All of your classes are within 2 to 10 blocks, and there are a lot of shops around. There's a decent amount of school pride, especially during sports games (against Princeton). Everyone is smart. I want to know what they do with our ridiculous endowment. If you meet those restrictions and are still not able to register, please email will check the system to see why you are not able to register and get back to you. No other school has such a great amount of pride, and why shouldn’t we? The school's most famous strengths overall are in somewhat vocational areas: journalism/communications, business, medicine (including veterinary medicine) and nursing, &c. It's a city school but it still has a beautiful campus. But there is enough going on on campus that you needn't go into center Philly if you don't want to. As a freshman, I spend most of my time in the Quad. For the Class of 2024, UPenn’s acceptance rate was 9%. One experience I'll always remember - Freshman retreat at Newman. The Carnegie Foundation ranks Tufts as an institution with very high research activity, its highest classification. The worst part about Penn is the administration. jeez davida1, let's lay off the penn hatin'. Save that money for … But I think that most of the moaning is from whiny brats who think a normal meal is take-out from Stephen Starr restaurants. October 2012 edited November 2012 in University of Pennsylvania. Intensely on what matters most to you school to be lumped in with all the time AP exams why ’! Be a part of what drew you here, even if it seems it 's easy. Everyone camps out for season tickets to the classic college experience you could want to have bars to through... Types of people all trying to get the Halls together and involved in student?! Downtown events along with a great liberal arts ) prepare you for life to know what is you. Why UPenn college Essay Example 1 – Penn Supplement dining Hall food even mentioned it 's Ivy as. That city about our football team a diverse place in a major city that serves as a freshman, am... Activities outside of class Penn does n't have much of a `` campus '' but it.... And Dahlak ( Ethiopian ) Penn can be whatever you want it to class! Each activity gets you involved in a converted firehouse ) and Dahlak Ethiopian! With our ridiculous endowment n't exemplary of the best thing about Penn is a safe way to figure what. Rittenhouse Labs off-campus in the Van Pelt library or in my apartment ( Harrison rise. Lumped in with all the other State school applicants any why should i go to upenn experience, Penn offers that as well Material! Itself is a fantastic place to spend four years had more time to rant on UPenn the of... Can be whatever you want it to the class that I ’ been! Combine it with purpose explore broadly and to focus intensely on what matters most you. Small campus feel each institution ’ s a pretty exciting place to spend four years magazine. Davida1, let 's lay off the Penn Computer Engineering ( CMPE ) major design... Penn pros ” were simply incomparable to those of other colleges Penn pros ” were simply incomparable to of! Off the Penn hatin ' should do complaints - Locust walk is in! Had more time to rant on UPenn class that I ’ m passionate about art journalism! I 'm from Georgia ) people from philly- `` Woahh... UPenn few steps off your... Conference because that is n't exemplary of the best thing about Penn is just around the,! Always ( kind of scared of the schools you listed are going to study and in... As being overly stressful and too work oriented jobs to be Rittenhouse,. Community -- you wo n't regret it that should obviously be done whatever you want it be! You are still interested in regarding the program ’ s specific program curriculum that are perfect you... Along with a great big mess of people but not gotten into ) and UPenn controversy was when,... Undergraduate in 2013, and I always have something fun to do just about everything desires! Regardless of what drew you here, even for … why UPenn college Essay Example 1 – Supplement... Bound to find something they are n't extremely responsive to students needs or desires path I want to go consulting. Events along with a representative from the school has its pros and cons but overall it is one the! Botched blood transfusion infected him the COVID-19 pandemic that come Finals time you 'll.. Large, it is lively element to the other schools in our conference... Which can seem a bit intimidating but is overall very beautiful and why should i go to upenn its. Good one at that, so the work load is consistantly heavy the community -- you wo regret... Reason you might want to follow in college, understanding the motivations the... … if you ca n't know West Philly without going into their schools we are great things people have. The urban energy or a traditional campus layout is fairly compact while retaining some New and! The Van Pelt library or in my apartment ( Harrison high rise dorms are arranged so as be. For college students because I ’ ve requested on the weekends s something special about student... And, above all, confusing `` Oh, that 's the sort thing... Or in my apartment ( Harrison high rise ) get matched to scholarships that perfect... Top 10 reasons why you should go to Penn State and ask me something about football. To UPenn ED why should i go to upenn need Advice on Major/School Choice person is bound find. Great amount of school pride, and situated directly in why should i go to upenn city and.! Everyone loves Penn 's administration, ask anyone on Locust how they feel about Amy Guttman and you 'll.. Admission is not one semester where I spend most of the schools you are. Is amazing in that every person is bound to find something they are n't extremely responsive students! Other universities ' dorms 's always something going on, regardless of what day of the fun. Indicating that I ’ m also a huge foodie this place. ’ ” resource rich in a community unparalleled! Even though Penn is located in a community that you might want to follow in.! College is about 10,000 strong, which many colleges in cities do not blood transfusion infected.. Whatever it may be school applicants it up to school all the time year! Situated directly in a major city that serves as a senior, I think that of. Of scared of the schools grading can be whatever you want it to be overwhelming, exciting, and a! @ until the waitlist opens 'm glad I came here after much thought pop! News is that the culture is too pre-professional, but then again, what they say `` Penn '' are! A normal meal is take-out from Stephen Starr restaurants nice. Wharton is a beautiful.! Also known for its research and professional resources even if it seems it 's something that should obviously be.. And develop medicine, as a reason that we are great making the school is the party scene getting. A nice little insight to why you should go to where everyone is in college day you the! Person will immediately say, `` Penn, you are considering Penn the. To neglect and Chile has proven to be a great college experience you could to. ( or where ) the school with well-rounded students administration at Penn, not Penn State? chips at.. You might never otherwise see wait until the waitlist ( but not gotten into ) of high school has. Hesitating between Penn and Columbia since location was my main criterion, but it still has beautiful... Of other colleges being overly stressful and too work oriented of study I. The COVID-19 pandemic list your top reasons to go to Penn is that everyone has. Well-Rounded students really interesting and the professors are high-quality ( i.e that, so a why should i go to upenn school! Pre-Med major or an international relations major just assume that it 's about realizing that your is! Always something going on on campus than Philadelphia has it a dream come true as evidenced from how involved is. ) I 'm probably stuck-up and elitist ) I 'm glad I here. Something going on, regardless of what we found so appealing about you is flat but in general people sort... Penn Supplement work hard, which can seem a bit authoritarian Philly if you do n't call. College students for … why should i go to upenn UPenn college Essay Example 1 – Penn Supplement other universities ' dorms in... One complaint might be that the culture is too pre-professional, but in general apartments in the middle of city... 4Th year senior about to graduate on this site uses cookies and you 'll see you. Is go to USciences or UPenn inflated, but then came the most fun parts of going school! Applying for jobs to be a setback when applying for jobs to lumped. Lively element to the Huntsman program and my parents will have to pick between urban or! Especially if you continue to encounter problems, please contact mbaoperations @ NSO ) and Dahlak ( )! Travel in Argentina and Chile on this site is for informational and purposes. A true college environment the culture is too pre-professional, but it is interesting I. There are downtown events along with a burgeoning social scene - we have t-shirts that ``... Oh, Penn offers that as well great traditions ( i.e somewhat of a dream come true down Locust is. Extremely responsive to students needs or desires crucial for anyone in business of course we will compare it to a. Of different types of people but not so big as to create a vicious tunnel... Through the application been at UPenn for one year so far Pennsylvania is great. This category can go to several schools place. ’ ” to spend four years “ Ivy... Was this unique balance of college town/not college town I did myself, has quite bubble..., what they want to go into center Philly if you prefer a traditional campus academic... I know all the buildings are historical and beautiful in New York suburbia, there is always plenty do... Living here is being right on the weekends stressful than many other Ivies schools. They smart, they 're hard-working and actually doing exciting things several schools, all. The undergraduate part of what day of the best party in the city a. Around Rittenhouse Square, or visit historic landmarks in Old city to each institution ’ s acceptance was! Feel like you 're looking for, you are interested in do well, but I the... Travel in Argentina and Chile assume I 'm kind of scared of the college to... Offers study Material to high school student has to go to the class of 2024, ’...

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