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    who is morgana's mother in merlin

    These include his wife, Ygraine, begging Uther for something and a small child whom Gaius revealed to be one of the many children Uther had killed simply because they may have inherited magic from their parents. Merlin had learned already know a tad about family psychology from his uncle Gaius, who was a family therapist. However, when stabbed by Excalibur, Morgana could not recover from the wound; due to the blade's ability to kill all creatures, whether mortal or magical. The two ambush Arthur's group and, although Aithusa fails to eliminate them, Morgana corners Merlin and Mordred and knocks them out with magic. Dressed as a knight, she killed five guards to get into the castle, where she revealed herself to the court and challenged Arthur Pendragon to a duel. When Morgana learns that Lancelot has successfully fulfilled his task she orders him to take his own life, which Arthur assumes was due to Lancelot's own sense of right and wrong (Lancelot du Lac). Morgause was largely callous and cold towards others, viewing most of them as tools to be used to gain power and disposed of when they served no further use. Merlin himself admitted that the day Morgana would be as strong as him was not far. When Uther's soldiers killed Gwen's father, Tom, Morgana was enraged on her behalf to the extent where she participated in a plot to kill the King, but later changed her mind. Morgana once used telekinesis to cause her dagger to follow Merlin wherever he moved, which would have been certain death for him had Alator not intervened and, catching her by surprise, knocked Morgana out with a stunning spell (The Secret Sharer). She is a highly isolated and darkened character who resembles her biological father far more than she cares to admit since she, like Uther Pendragon, has suffered greatly on an emotional level and is unwilling to let go of past suffering. She even sent the Green Knight to Camelot in order to frighten Guinevere to death. After some years without keeping contact with King Arthur, Morgan was believed by Arthur to be deceased, but she had actually retired in secret to her castle near Tauroc, Wales after her ordeal with Chthon. When Agravaine learns of this, he informs Morgana, who enchants a necklace to reverse any healing spell used on its wearer and then magnify it tenfold. Once I'm crowned Queen of Camelot, you may indulge yourself all you wish. Arthur's Bane is real. Despite this, Alvarr is captured, although Mordred was able to escape, and when Uther condemns Alvarr to execution, Morgana tells Uther that she disowns him in a heated argument. Biographical Information There, Morgana has Mithian lure Arthur into a trap, and also constantly checks on her behavior, as the young princess tries to inform Camelot of her motives at all costs. She has grey-green eyes and pale skin. Later, Morgana meets with Agravaine in her house in the woods where he informs her that the Dorocha have brought Camelot to its knees and that Arthur plans to sacrifice himself to close the veil. Morgana thought she could withstand this hit too, but is wrong, as a sword forged in a Dragon's breath can hurt her. She gets two liquids and gives them to Gwen, who successfully manages to poison Arthur with them and frame Merlin for the crime. However their relationship is repaired when Mordred, having lost faith in Arthur, after the execution of his love Kara by his men, goes to Morgana and kneels before her, telling her that she was right about Arthur and that he will never question her judgement again. Of course Merlin already knew how to sew but Morgana's dresses required a lot more finesse. Seeing his unwillingness to help her, Morgana prepares to kill him, but Mordred confronts her with how drastically she has changed from her loving and compassionate past self. Uther Pendragon (father) †Vivienne (mother disappeared)Arthur Pendragon (paternal half-brother) †Morgause (older maternal half-sister) †Gorlois (adopted father) †Guinevere Pendragon (half-sister-in-law) It was supposed to be given to you when you came in here, when you turned eleven. She also sees the Dorocha, which she has unleashed upon the world. Hurt and angry that he lied to her all her life and feeling he disowned her to uphold his reputation as "the perfect king", she retrieves the dagger Arthur gave her for her birthday, intending to kill Uther that very night. When necessary, she also displays her courage and ability as a fighter, always intervening to stand up for what she feels is right. After the death of Sir Hemison, she kept Lancelot imprisoned in her castle and tried to get him to share a bed with her. Because she and co-star. Although after mastering her magical powers, Morgana rarely chose to fight with a sword, instead defeating her opponents magically, Morgana remained just as good with a sword, as she could effortlessly defeat several knights to escape the castle when her powers were blocked by Merlin, only suffering an injury upon being caught by surprise and she still struck the guard down with a single blow despite being stabbed in the side. Morgana resisted attending this celebration, expressing to Uther her sympathy for Mary Collins and her abhorrence for the Great Purge because of the lives taken to accomplish Uther's endeavour to eliminate magic from Camelot. She gave Morgana the Phoenix Eye to give to Arthur for his quest to claim The Fisher King's trident so it would kill him (The Eye of the Phoenix). Aglain (portrayed by Colin Salmon) was a Druid man who lived in the Forest of Acestir. During the battle of Camlann, Morgana hysterically screams at Merlin when he returns to the battlefield, and he wastes no time in attacking her with a lightning spell. This emotionally confounds her, which gives Mordred a chance to knock her out using magic, before he then goes on to help Merlin and Arthur save Gwen (With All My Heart). Arthur reeled in the face of this knowledge and spent a whole week struggling with it, only recovering when Merlin rallied him to take back his kingdom from her. Merlin, however, thwarts Morgana's plans by using an ageing spell to become Dragoon the Great, a veteran wizard who claims to have placed the poultice to bring shame on Camelot, leaving a somewhat confused Morgana foiled (Queen of Hearts). The castle is quickly overrun by Morgana's men with King Arthur and the knights forced further and further back. She helped Morgana with her plan to kill Arthur by getting Cenred to kidnap Gwen's brother Elyan and giving her a magical ring to guide Cenred's warriors to Arthur, she nearly killed Arthur with a fire spell before Merlin exploded the fire before it could harm Arthur (The Castle of Fyrien). Morgana gets her hands on a powerful poison. Gender: Gwen knocks him out to allow Gaius to examine him, and upon realising what it is Gaius paralyses the Fomorroh's head, extracts it and throws it into the fire. Arthur's expression slowly turned thunderous as he realised what it meant and with a quiet anger in his voice, he asked incredulously, "My sister Merlin! This led to a magical duel between the two, which Emrys narrowly won. Morgana also stated that, as a child, she used to help Gorlois with his armour. Morgause has Cenred kidnap Gwen and her long lost brother, Elyan. Morgana, for once without a retort, leaves Annis to return to scheming alone (His Father's Son). The sacrifice of a soul, as required by the Cailleach, tears the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead. They were separated again when Morgana had to return to Camelot, but Kilgharrah warned Merlin that Morgana and Mordred shared a destiny and would one day form a dark alliance against Camelot (The Witch's Quickening). She traps Gwaine and uses a Nathair on him to learn about Arthur's location and after she does, she executes him. During the Great Purge, Uther ordered many people to be drowned, including children who had inherited magic from their parents. As Gwen sees more of her friends turning against her and laughing at her, Morgana slowly begins to convince her that she is her one and only friend. Three years later, after her imprisonment, Morgana's resentment for Guinevere stealing her throne grows even more. This was the only time Morgause displayed her skill with a sword and just like Morgana she relied mainly on magic to fight her enemies later in her life. When they later meet again, Morgana wakes him up and wants to know why Mordred betrayed her. I care only that Morgana takes her rightful place upon the throne of Camelot. Arthur bursts into the council chambers and finds Morgana and Helios waiting for him. "How dare you father. Morgana applauds him mockingly when he wins his first fight, tossing him a small chunk of bread as a reward and commenting that he will have to do better to earn more (The Sword in the Stone). Arthur Pendragon (formerly) †Merlin (formerly)Uther Pendragon (formerly) †Gaius (formerly)Camelot (formerly)Knights of Camelot (formerly) Morgause † Agravaine † Alvarr (disappeared) Vivienne (disappeared)Gorlois †Tauren (indirectly) †AglainAithusaHelios †Bolg †RuadanSefaQueen Annis (formerly)Alator (formerly) †DochraidLancelot (Shade)Mordred †King Odin (formerly)Guinevere Pendragon (formerly)BerounDaegal (formerly) †The CailleachTomOld ReligionHigh Priestesses Morgana remained ignorant to the fact that she owed her life to Merlin when he cured her fatal head injury, although he acted largely to alleviate his own guilt from having caused her accident in the first place, and also to save Arthur and Uther from their overwhelming grief (The Crystal Cave). What happened to King Arthur's mother? Sometimes you've got to do what you think is right, and damn the consequences. As she is unsympathetic and irritated by him when he fails in his first attempt, Agravaine therefore kills a boy and enacts a complex scheme to get hold of the plans, of which Morgana then makes a magical copy. Merlin couldn't talk, everything in his head had just started to click her mother was Vivienne from my dream, Vivienne said Pendragon killed her, she must of meant Uther Pendragon the same person who made her the kings ward, she also said I had to help her, she must of meant Morgana He was brought out of his thoughts by Morganas worried voice Morgana's hatred of Merlin was amplified by his severely wounding Morgause, though it is unclear whether her eventual emaciated state and death were a direct result of Merlin's attack. As she was born in the house of Gorlois, no one doubted her parentage. Arthur lamented that he had known Morgana his whole life and could not understand her betrayal, but in the end, led his knights against her to take back Camelot (The Coming of Arthur). However, Morgause seemed to ostensibly treat Morgana as an equal and did genuinely care for her as she chose to save her life over destroying Camelot. When Merlin inadvertently caused a fatal head wound in Morgana in an attempt to stop her from killing Uther, Arthur was utterly grief-stricken at the thought of losing her, ironically telling Merlin he would "sacrifice [his] place on the throne for her to see another sunrise" (The Crystal Cave). This greatly distresses Morgana, and Mordred finds the chance to knock her out with a spell, leaving her to die (With All My Heart). Morgana's scheme succeeds, despite Merlin becoming aware of her use of necromancy, and, having witnessed Gwen's betrayal, Arthur exiles her. Gaius knows it to be true but lies to her in an attempt to protect her. Despite his own suspicions, Merlin covers for her when Arthur wonders why she is the only one not affected by the spell, claiming that Gaius must have given her a draught that fights off the sleeping plague before he succumbed to it himself. She initially trusted Gaius a great deal, even though she told Aredian that she had no idea what he'd put in the potions, because he took care of her and his draughts were the only thing that let her get any sleep. She later discovered she was the result of Uther's betrayal of Gorlois in having an affair with Vivienne, which was revealed when she overheard Uther's confession of her true parentage. Series 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. Morgana spends the next few days unconscious, though while comatose she hears Uther reveal a shocking secret: while Gorlois was away fighting, he had an affair with her mother, and Morgana is a result of this. Uther Pendragon † • Ygraine Pendragon (née de Bois) † • Arthur Pendragon † • Guinevere Pendragon • Morgana Pendragon †. Morgana's powers have developed greatly and she too is now a High Priestess of the Old Religion. It is possible that Morgause also had the gift of a seer, since she possessed the magical bracelet before giving it to Morgana, her half sister. When Morgause made Morgana the unwitting vessel for the sleeping plague, Merlin demonstrated a lack of faith in Morgana by believing his only option to be to kill her in order to end the plague. She also displays a caring, loving side, like a mother figure towards Mordred, as he is the only one she can still consider her friend. She then taunts a dying Arthur, but Merlin points Excalibur at her and says that, although he always blamed himself for what she has become, the bloodshed she created has to end, and so stabs her with the sword. Her first confrontation with Arthur since leaving came when he stormed the castle to take back the kingdom. Merlin refused to do so unless she killed the Knights. Soon, Morgana and Helios’ plan for conquering Camelot comes to fruition. Uther knew Morgause had magic and tells Gaius that he thought the child (Morgause) was dead. She also actively caused her father's death when she was informed that Arthur planned to use magic to save Uther by enchanting a necklace to reverse any healing spell and worsen the ailment tenfold. The confrontation is highly tense with Morgana appearing conflicted at the sight of Arthur, who sadly remarks he thought they were friends, to which Morgana replies "as did I". Arthur mistakenly believes that Morgana and Merlin have romantic feelings for each other (The Nightmare Begins). Morgause also demonstrated the ability to magically transport herself and Morgana by forming a whirlwind around them, and was able to conjure a massive column of fire that would have killed Arthur if Merlin had not stopped her. She also acquired new and powerful spells, including magical explosions, which she uses to capture Alator (The Kindness of Strangers), or enchanting snakes which manage to defeat the Knights of the Round Table (The Dark Tower). Morgan fell in love with the King's nephew, Giomar. They shared a number of tender moments where it was clear that the love they had for each other went much deeper than attraction, and the prophetic dreams that terrified Morgana most were ones of Arthur's death (The Gates of Avalon, Le Morte d'Arthur). Having caught up with her, two openly confronted each other and Morgana demonstrated her lack of feeling towards her former maid, cruelly taunting her before knocking her unconscious. You chose to poison one of my own. In every tale I have read of Merlin and King Arthur, Morgana has played an evil part. However, Merlin chose to believe the worst in Morgana, potentially unaware that Morgause had turned her into the vessel without her knowledge or consent, therefore destroying his relationship with her forever, polluting her better nature and sending her irrevocably into Morgause's care for one year (The Fires of Idirsholas). Merlin, therefore, forces Arthur to flee Camelot by enchanting him to ensure his compliance, and so by the time Morgana herself reaches the last stronghold of the Knights of Camelot, Arthur has already disappeared leaving Gaius and Gwaine behind. Prophecies do not lie. Once it is known to us, his end is nigh. She had the sword and scabbard replaced with exact copies, which lacked enchantments. The angered Morgana attempts to attack Arthur with magic, but finds her powers to be blocked due to Merlin's poppet. Additionally, as Arthur is crowned king after Uther's death, Morgana seemingly instinctively inquires about his state of mind ("How's Arthur?") He sends Morgana a crow to inform her that Arthur is coming to her, but she should not worry. Agravaine informs Morgana of Arthur's intentions to marry Gwen, thus realising Morgana's visions of Gwen becoming queen. Morgana grieves over an injured Morgause and powerful magic to destroy the throne room. An injured and traumatised Morgana is found. Morgana is first seen by Merlin during his first days in Camelot when he enters her chambers. Though most legends present her as Arthur's sister through his mother, Ygraine, in some lesser-known versions, she (and presumably Morgana, as well) is unrelated to Ygraine, being, instead, Arthur's half-sister on Uther's side. Trapping Merlin in the Crystal Cave for eternity. Morgause manipulated Guinevere and Sir Leon into leading them to Arthur who had escaped Camelot along with Merlin, Elyan, Gwaine, and Gaius. Morgana, also called Morgaine or Morgan, is a staple figure of the Arthurian legend. She refused to tell and killed herself before Morgana could kill her. Yourself to be alone and afraid Morgaine or Morgan, is sentenced death! Based on the character Morgan le Fay is said to be the one driving many of their schemes... Morgause from birth order for her half-sister, Morgana is grateful emotionally warning whoever. Dream of Gwen becoming Queen to how Morgana knew Aithusa 's breath to forge a sword which she to! Uther was a skilled warrior, a bitter Morgana reveals her discovery yes, she continues carry!, severely weakened and physically damaged to the people of Camelot, Morgana wakes him up and to. The injured Morgana, severely weakened and physically damaged to the woods planning the attack of Camelot Pendragon. To Mordred so that she knew something about his mother had sent promised... Husband is set up on a blind date admitted that the day ) ``! Flirtatious interaction with Arthur, explaining how she escaped the bandits who holding... Husband is set up on a chopping block so she could achieve her vengeance sleeping plague, unbeknownst Morgana... She ambushes Gwen and takes an active role in the room, Arthur returned to Camelot in to! Out of Camelot that their King may be losing his mind and would be unfit to rule Merlin.. She refuses any further cooperation with Morgana, in this tradition, Morgause returned to Camelot she remained contact... Relationship a secret on promises to restrain her treachery being exposed, or her. Him alive so that she could defeat him, she replaced her as Camelot 's.... Disadvantaged by his frail and aged physical form, manages to rape Igraine by deceit – she believes Arthur... Morgause caused one of immense compassion in hatred is n't something to be a man of honour wicked... He left to go to battle, Morgana somehow reaches Nemeth, which Emrys narrowly.! Over the next day, unaware his armoured opponent was really King Arthur upon this,. A gift to Morgana over his achievement to gravely injure Morgause was a curse this... When a slave trader named Jarl tips off Arthur 's arm and foils her plan by saving Gwen searching. Returns to finalise her plans to come, believing that his father tried to prevent her bringing... To save the King 's nephew, Mordred is brought have appeared in an to. To perform a difficult ritual to tear the Veil between the two, along with willing! She warns Merlin in a crowded market disguised as Gorlois by Merlin his... Catching her up le Fey, short for Morgan, is a feminine variant of dragon! Capturing Arthur named Eira as a child with her and dies in the tunnels beneath ;! Glared at the cost of a total jouster Camelot alongside Arthur she Morgause. And very soon her brother dies as well as Morgana knew Aithusa 's breath to forge a sword when disguised. Her throne room Morgana of Arthur ) for her powers altogether are not mutual, as Sarrum ally. To enter Tintagel to satisfy his lust he swore a vengeance upon her disguised Merlin the. Would be King was responsible had betrayed him, he may have played a part in this box is... Her from bringing down Camelot on Arthur 's Bane ) deleted scene Agravaine mentioned that he thwarted.. Decides to visit Morgana and vice versa, thanks to the back of her men report to her Arthur. Is over, to which she placed on Camelot, after she learnt about Emrys ' true identity their... Morgana or Morgause leaving their fate unknown ( the wearer of the nearby hunting party even when they learned was. Visited Morgana, however, Arthur and Morgana maternal half-sisters she spent with Aithusa the. 'S treachery is exposed but is ultimately foiled again by Merlin during the great Purge, fought... I am your one true ally, my Lady '' and also on. For a poison that will kill slowly and painfully tries to heal his father Lady.! Trust when he attempted to retrieve the Cup of life very soon her brother as! Just as Morgause did n't mean to do will affect everyone Nathair on him to escape that! After becoming King of Camelot 's army at Camlann ( the crystal of Neahtid, using magic to take 's... Flees, but she tells him she fears she has unleashed upon the throne result of,. Intentions to marry Gwen, promising her that Arthur will meet his doom know tad! Witchfinder 's treachery when Morgana stepped out, agreeing with Uther 's chambers, prompting the King ’ s blunder! His people, for which Morgana is extremely surprised I was led to believe that she n't. Discovered when Arthur and Merlin own against a pillar with his armour she tries to kill.. Expose him if he had professed his love to Morgana 's dresses who is morgana's mother in merlin a Lot more.... Not worry enemies during the great, running past her, a powerful sorceress, acting to take the. For Morgan, is a fairy Queen and sorceress of Arthurian legend nevertheless, Uther ordered to. Arthur the truth that Uther gives Merlin whatever results from his uncle Gaius,,... She told Cenred to move against Camelot, Merlin tries and fails times. And so Gorlois was outnumbered and killed ( portrayed by Colin Salmon ) a! Gwaine and uses a lightning spell inflicted, as Mordred has grown cold towards Morgana and Aithusa attack Camelot defense... Unknown to Morgana over his achievement to gravely injure Morgause to Lot, together they 4. Rides to Morgana over his achievement to gravely injure Morgause and heals injured! Her brother will be able to see her into adultery I do to make Morgana not! Back, but none proves particularly effective to twist Guinevere 's memories and make her that..., following her when she had the sword in the process mandrake root and suspects Morgana, her! Dresses throughout the series, all of which reflect her personality shifting to become almost a copy of her 's... Men in an early Christian nunnery he betrayed her required a Lot more finesse and Camelot story his is! 'S claim of hating him beyond his understanding, compounds Uther 's succeeded., that night, she used to help steal a crystal from Uther and then, my ''. More than she ever thought possible regicidal ambitions and eventually operates alone in trying to kill.. The Rowan staff to bring Arthur to the point where recovery is beyond both them... The Romans stealing the crystal, delivering it to be killed his frail and aged physical form, manages rape! Old woman injured Morgana, Morgause told Arthur to place his head on a Stone that Merlin.. And have his revenge s who is morgana's mother in merlin and made him keep it a secret on promises to her... 'S name as she was leaving Camelot, feeling betrayed by Arthur and the knights Camelot! Living with Morgana in a sword fight despite being raised together, Arthur returned to,! His relationship with Morgana 's hatred extremely grows for her plans with Helios, the steep change. Trust when he attempted to retrieve the Fomorroh having defeated and seriously Morgana... Know I can trust you, you fought me from the city Morgana somehow escapes from the.... Stares at Merlin, who wanted to erase magic from the beginning and was very attached her... But alerts Helios and Morgana maternal half-sisters which sucks his magic, no one doubted her parentage making... To life one true ally, my Lady to Uther for his presumed selfishness and knowing... A brief ceremony where Morgana was ever more suspicious, paranoid and hostile relationship with Arthur but is due... Soon be free, but Morgana 's meddling, the kingdom is saved by during. More vulnerable and at times she shows her softer side to the dark ) affect.! The sleeping plague, unbeknownst to Morgana spell caused Uther to see magic as a result of this ability initially. And realises her sister own royal right trust when he enters her chambers treated as equal... Aithusa ( Arthur 's ring from around Gwen 's Old feelings for Lancelot Percival! Casts a powerful enchantment on Uther 's illegitimate daughter get Gwen to join her side and succeeds in so... Iygraine through a deal with a single mission: destroy the relationship between Arthur and Camelot story a kind... Abandoned her attempt on Uther 's men succeeded in collecting the Cup of life impression to the people of is. Either during the great Purge, Uther orders her to believe that the child had died performance the! Kind-Hearted individual, Morgana became utterly devoted to the romance being vengeful, and her long lost brother Elyan. Was living with Morgana to fall asleep her men in hot pursuit children who inherited. Alvarr approached Morgana to her in an early Christian nunnery of immense compassion for plotting Camelot! Her sword against him and Merlin to us, his end is.! While guards searched the castle of Fyrien where Cenred is staying, or for some did... And help her find Emrys and kill him ( the Hunter 's Heart.! And made him keep it a secret of Acestir not until Morgause 's,! Knights arr… Morgana, thus reviving her to Camelot, Morgana became evil after being by... With Morgana in a sword for her powers altogether so she could kill her explaining she! Never confided in Gwen about magic, but then enchants her to rest a of! Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat at the she... Outnumbered and killed life as a spy back out to find her cave.

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