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    miroku over under shotgun reviews

    By any standard, this is an excellent gun offering especially good value for money and the prospect of many years of reliable service. It has been used exclusively for sporting and skeet. They are equipped with solid side ribs. 10/10. Serial #394080, mfg **** This was made in B.C.Miroku… I started shooting clays with a mk70 sporter 4 years ago, traded it for a blaser f3 then traded that for a cynergy 30". B. Rizzini have a (good) following. The company imported some of the better-made shotguns from Europe and Charles Daly was used as the brand name. hi, well iv owned a miruku 3800s for a lot of years , a brilliant gun , then purchest a beratta, wrong move iv since sold said gun and purchest a new miuku mk38 32in grade 1, my shooting is back to normal+, conclusion buy mirku, ? If I was making guns, 18.6 would be my standard size because I find the wider bored guns seem to kick less. I have waited until now before giving this small appraisal.As this was to be his first shotgun we decided to go down the route of a decent quality new gun rather than a second hand model.Firstly the gun was a really good fit straight out of the box ,some thing that many people have semingly found with all Miroku's. Trigger and ejectors: Excellent trigger-pulls. Shooting Impressions The MK70 cuts the mustard in all departments, though. The Browning seems to be a bit better when it comes to 'extras' such as an adjustable trigger, but I am not sure about the handling characteristics and any other features. Similarly, I have found that guns modified to similar spec by US barrel specialists shoot extremely well – felt recoil is lower and the patterns are more even. Friends in Spain who shoot live pigeons are absolutely convinced that tighter bores increase penetration (though they may increase felt recoil). But, I will note that an adjustable comb is a boon on a trap gun provided you do not get neurotic about it! My only criticism barrel-wise, and it is a rare one for this brand, concerns the cutting of the recesses for the cartridge rims. My preference is for Miroku (sporter) it is a flatter shooting gun and more barrel heavy which I prefer. It weighs in at about 7 pounds. All i can say that when i lifted the gun to my shoulder for the first time it just felt right. Copyright © 2021 Aceville Magazines Ltd.Registration number: 04169559 | Registered Office Address: 185 Fleet Street, London, England, EC4A 2HS. So, with that serious but well deserved praise given without qualification – let’s get straight to work. Thanks for sharing this awesome content here The beaver-tail forend – which carries classic Miroku/Browning hammer ejector work – was a little big (but provided material for modification if required). 1. As he is new to shooting both handling and ease of use were importan,t the MK70 shines through on both counts.I reckon hes put around 2500 cartridges through it up to now without any issues whatsoever ,it performs brilliantly at both skeet and sporting. My first go at a DTL was with a Miroku - I scored 16 out of 25 at the Detling gun club at the age of fifteen. I am also very fond of the Miroku Browning style combined safety and barrel selector - one of the most practical to use. Miroku manufactures the Citori and other models for Browning. It has taken Italian makers decades to move towards the sort of excellent shapes that Miroku have been making for years. The interchangeable chokes are of the older, shorter style and if I bought the gun I would replace them with extended chokes with knurled extensions for convenience - they are so much easier when it comes to routine cleaning. Moreover, it is an evolved design where nearly all the details are right. I began my serious shooting life with a 28" double trigger Miroku over and under - it cost me a Victorian and Edwardian stamp collection, now worth tens of thousands, but it also introduced me to a sport that has been my life long passion. O sistema que miroku tem de produção é estilo o da marca Toyota, cada arma é avaliada e revisada uma a uma daí a grande qualidade destas armas mk38, em que são diferentes tanto das 525 e até das 725, eu comparo a uma b25 só que mais barata, Eu tive kemen, perazzi mx8, browning 525,beretta ase 90,682,a arma que mais gosto é a mk38, já ganhei bastante com ela e não troco por nada. I would say that the MK70, frankly, would stand in any company with regard to both its mechanical specification and its stocking. Both barrels are back-bored at 18.7mm. My only criticism barrel-wise, and it is a rare one for this brand, concerns the cutting of the recesses for the cartridge rims. But it’s true - many other guns seem expensive compared to the products of B.C. The drop measurements are 1 7/16" and 2 3/16". This gun is made even more versatile by its multi-choked 30" barrels (there is a 28" option, not to mention the similar, but fixed-choke, MK 60 also available in 28 and 30" guises). I did not measure the drop or cast (of which there was little) on the gun. The blaser just wasnt right even though the trigger pull was superb. Felt recoil was a bit higher than average (and might have been improved with wider bores in my opinion). Toggle navigation MENU ... Miroku Firearms 2800R Shotgun 12 GA 30" over & under vent rib barrels Beautiful walnut stock with checkering on pistol grip & forend (w/ some handling marks) White bead ...Click for more info. regards sandy... im mario from malta i got one 38 trap 32 /b it is very nice and good. If you searching to evaluate Fully Rifled Shotgun And Miroku Over And Under Shotgun price. Chequering on the gun was well cut, but not especially fine. You don't even include an ABS carry case! It should be staid and boring – it should be an entirely known and predictable quantity. Miroku lacked one key to future success: a stand-alone brand. This is something else that I must test experimentally one day. 3 June 2009. It has a detailed floral engraving, which I much prefer over the Browning game scene. is the largest shooting resource and review based website, using the resources of Britain's biggest and most comprehensive magazines - Gun Mart, Shooting Sports and What Gun. Thanks. Product Description 12 Gauge; Manufactured in 1952. I have had it just over a year put about 2500 cartridges through it and it still quite tight and love using it and the most important thing is that my shooting has improved ten fold since I have had it. Let's get the magnifying glass out and focus on some its components in more detail. I also liked the comb profile, which is full without being bulbous. We carry the full line of Charles Daly firearms, as well as ammo and gun accessories for your shotgun. The well shaped, plain steel trigger is inertia operated. Miroku. Originally the Miroku started off as a Japanese copy of the B25 and Browning decided to use the same manufacturer for their B325 – B525s, However Miroku retained a strong brand loyalty and are much in demand. The gun is just a tad barrel heavy marks out Miruku and is a plus which suits me and gives a very positive feel and swing. 16 Gauge. It all boils down to affordable quality. It’s more business than bling, nevertheless, there is some well executed scroll work on the action walls to make it significantly more attractive than the average clay busting machine - and, like all the Mirokus I have so far encountered, it is supremely well finished. looks good and feels strongly made. If you searching to check Miroku Over Under Shotgun Reviews And Rio Shotgun Ammo Review price. I am tall and have my stock built up to 15 3/4 inch so an all wood 14 1/2 starting length means the finished pad is still reasonably proportioned. It does have a ventilated mid rib with the barrels seemingly a bit lighter than the ones on the Miroku. The MK 70 shot well with quarter and full choke fitted. The grip shape is in great part a function of the action body design – a point some manufacturers seem to forget (they think the narrower the better – this is not always the case and may lead to a grip which shrinks forward and provides no anchor for the hand without an ugly and often inefficient palm swell). Grade 5 £2,860. I purchased my mk70 game 28" after looking at a lot of guns in the £750-£1500 bracket and i felt it was the best value gun and also so it felt perfect the first time i put it up to the shoulder. Miroku 12 gauge 7000 (SP 111) Over and Under Shotgun (R/H) - S/H Private seller - Advertised for 31 days until 3/01/2017 for £895 A useful weight - not too light or heavy - which means it could be put to just about any shooting use. It is not quite up to the usual standard, with evidence of some tool 'chatter' at the chamber mouths.

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