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    donkey kong country 101 percent

    Obtaining 101% completion in Donkey Kong 64 is achieved by collecting all Banana Medals, all Golden Bananas, all Battle Crowns, and photographing all of the Banana Fairies. Like with Power Moons, completing each set adds a star next to its total. New Super Mario Bros. has up to 3 stars show up next to the player's save file by completing hidden objectives. In addition to the main storyline, the player may choose to fulfill six special achievements to unroll the six Super Flags in Port Prisma. Collecting all the Character Coins in a world will unlock a hard version of one of the minigames. The Challenge: Completing all three of these games will be a challenge for many already but for those who want that added challenge there is the 101, 102 and 103 percent completion. Completing the game's "Hard" mode will allow the player to choose a new "S-Hard" mode when beginning a new save file. For example, a player might consider Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door to only be fully complete if they fill in the entire Cookbook, complete every Trouble Center sidequest, find all the Star Pieces, etc. The game's final flashback sequence will also be displayed in the sky after the credits have finished in S-Hard mode, showing Wario in a city background with two attractive girls by his side. Completing the game's "Normal" mode will unlock an alternate file select background, showing gold-colored bricks instead of the purple blocks with Wario's face. The game keeps track of how many of the total 147 Advance Coins the player has collected as well as whether each stage has been completed by Mario or Luigi. Neither World 9 nor Worlds A, B, C and D are accessible in the Super Mario Bros. Deluxe version. Just out of curiosity, when you first played this, what stages, bosses, and/or bonus levels gave you the most grief? Leaderboard Website Discord Streams Statistics Sub-games. New Super Mario Bros. 2 features the save file stars seen in the previous New Super Mario Bros. games to indicate completion. Earning all six stars unlocks a nighttime variation of the normal title screen. The game can have up to twenty-four stars on the title screen. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest counter goes up to 102%. All 147 Advance Coins and eight e-Coins collected in the Virtual Console version of World-e. Full completion is achieved by collecting all Kremkoins and DK Coins in the game. Beating any level on Time Attack mode does not contribute to completion and is therefore entirely optional. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! The different achievements are: Each completed Super Flag will be carried by a Toad at the ending of the game's credits parade. In the Super Mario All-Stars version, the star before the level number indicates that the player is currently playing Hard Mode. Achieving this unlocks the minigame Flagman D-D and the bonus level Steal the Syrup's treasure!!. Excellence Embodied: Perform 200 Excellent attacks. The game actually calls it 101% and the only difference between a non-101% ending is the dialogue from Cranky at the end is slightly different. Note: game calls 100% completion '101%'. As far as DK64 goes, the extra percent is … Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Okay kid, wipe that drool off your chin and listen up if you really want to learn something about this game. Finding Bonus Areas also increases the percentage. Resident Neo. Jan 11, 04 at 10:32am (PST) ^. Completing all cups with a gold trophy in Mario Kart DS unlocks an alternate title screen. Finally, I Beat Donkey Kong Country And I Clear All Levels, Secret Rooms, And Bonus!! In Super Mario Bros., clearing World 8-4 allows the player to replay the game in Hard Mode. Collecting both stars from this galaxy will unlock a bejewelled platinum crown save file icon and a "master of galaxies" rank descriptor, as well as send a commemorative message and photo to the Wii Message Board. At first, I needed the player’s guide to get 101%, but now I’ve pretty much got the whole game memorized. Donkey Kong Country Playlist: This page details how full completion is achieved in Mario games that feature it and what changes take place when it is achieved. Donkey Kong Country is a 1994 platform game developed by Rare and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). It's impossible to watch this without going "WOW!". Super Mario Odyssey has multiple stages of completion that are tracked by the game. The alternate title screen, showing the two unlockable teams. It will show you how to achieve a 101% in DKC(GBA), containing: - all 52 cameras - all KONG-letters - all bonuses Please keep in mind, that I didn't record how to talk to Cranky Kong in every single world. When players earn Gold trophies for all cups in all race classes in Mario Kart: Double Dash! Omg I used to play this on my Gameboy I was obsessed! Additionally, the Demon Head possesses an extra attack, which involves dropping spiked boulders onto Wario. Out of all games donkey Kong country is the hardest to me, I still remember the commercial that when it came out in 1991 i also remember my first time playing it when it came out. Donkey Kong Country’s max completion percentage is 101%. Beyond the main storyline, the player may choose to fulfill the achievements to unroll each of the eight Super Flags where the Sticker Fest was held, in Decalburg. Donkey Kong Country Returns, the latest title in the series, goes the extra mile and has a max completion of 200%. In Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, the game is completed by earning all four crests in each of the kingdoms in the game. The Delfino Plaza area becomes progressively brighter as the player collects Shine Sprites. Who else wishes the other two games were on the classic? These achievements are: By doing this, the flags will be displayed in the credits parade, and a short extra scene will play with Huey after the credits finish. If the player triggers the appearance of a Super Guide Block by dying eight times in a level since last it was completed, the stars will not sparkle, even if the player did not make use of the Super Guide effect. Clearing every level in each of the first eight worlds. It also unlocks an alternate credits roll. Leaderboard Category Extensions Guides Resources Discord Streams Forum Statistics Sub-games. Qué Smart TV con Android TV 4k comprar en 2020? to him in every world. Only the most harcore Donkey Kong players had achieved getting 101% which was finishing the game perfect. Fine, here's a link you lazy butt:, How many times do you think youve beaten this? … Due to the meter for them lacking a denominator and the fact that they are spent, Banana Coins are not required. Collecting 999 Power Moons adds a huge top hat to Princess Peach's Castle, which can be climbed upon to activate a special fireworks display. In the Virtual Boy game Mario Clash, a different Mario series character will be shown with a congratulatory message for every 100,000 points collected. The Ending screen with Donkey coming out of a Game Boy Color. Collecting the DK Coins changes Cranky's dialogue in the Cranky's Video Game Heroes portion of the ending, changing between each increment of 19 DK coins. Completing levels and defeating bosses is the main way to increase the percentage. Completing the game in this manner will give the player a trophy of Cranky Kong wearing a black belt Karateka outfit and the rank "Immortal Monkey!" Getting the highest possible rank of three stars in all cups on Grand Prix will display three stars next to the player's name during online play. Unlocking the fifth star on the list also makes every level display which of the brothers have cleared it. The screen for when K. Rool is defeated with a ranking of 101 percent. is achieved by collecting all Bonus Coins, all DK Coins and all Banana Birds. 1:42:05 – Ending Credits, Tags: Classic, Country, dkc, Donkey, donkey kong country, donkey kong country 101%, donkey kong country all secrets, donkey kong country full game walkthrough, donkey kong country walkthrough, Kong, nintendo switch, nintendo wii, ps4, snes, Walkthrough, xbox, I bought the snes classic a few days ago and I played donkey Kong country and now I am in world 4 and I am stuck on that world. The Game Boy Advance version also requires the scrapbook to be filled and all K-O-N-G Letters in every level to be collected to gain 101%. This game showed that despite the new kids on the block (Sega Saturn & PSX) showing the way forward there was still life left yet in the 16 bit systems…..32x like graphics on a Super Nintendo…who knew? “I'll hunt them down through every part of my island, until I have every banana from my hoard back! Here's a 101% speedrun for Donkey Kong Country, SNES version. Beating the game with the HARDR code (HARDER in the GBA version) enabled will give the player 104% completion. The Japanese disclaimer thanking the player for playing the Japanese Donkey Kong Country. to appear next to the level's name on the world map. rank is inaccessible in the GBA version as the player receives a "Cheatin' Chump" rank if they were to achieve 105% even if no other codes were used. !, they unlock a second title screen. The perfect ending requires Wario to clear all 40 courses (which involves finding the alternate course exits). Well, because Golden Bananas are required to reach 101%, and if you’re not trying to get 101%, there really is no point in playing Donkey Kong 64. The game also has point stars fulfilling the same role as the Mario heads in Super Mario Advance. New Super Mario Bros. U once again features the ability to earn five stars on a save file for fulfilling various conditions. This page was last edited on December 29, 2020, at 08:32. You're as big of a hero as they come. When the maximum 999,999 points have been collected, a cast roll will play with the game's enemy holding white flags. To defeat the enemy, the Kongs need to throw a Steel Keg over it, … Copyright © 2021 Gadgets Arena. The completion percentage can be seen next to the save in the select game menu. The picture after collecting 121 Power Stars as Mario. Donkey Kong Country 3 also features 105% completion if the player enters the TUFST code (TUFFER in the GBA version). In "hard" mode, two fairies replace the usual bat on the file select screen, the game's levels contain more spike obstacles, and the appearance of the treasures change. A maximum of five stars can be displayed. Donkey Kong Country . Other exits include the Giant Gate past the secret Keyhole in Donut Plains 2, the second Giant Gate in Chocolate Island 2, and the paths accessed using Yoshi's Wings in Cheese Bridge Area, Valley of Bowser 2 and Way Cool (making up a total of 101 exits), although these exits are treated as regular exits and therefore are not also required for 100% completion. 1:22:20 – World 6 Chimp Caverns Available in five versions: low/normal quality DivX, and normal/high/low quality H.264 MPEG-4. It also unlocks a different credits sequence that features the player's playable character and the cast of racers that raced with the player, as well as having an alternate ending photo featuring all playable characters. 10:45 – World 2 Monkey Mines Muista riittävä esilä…, SUPER BOMBERMAN R PS4® ,Xbox One,Steam (PC) Promotion Trailer (ESRB). Once all 72 crests have been obtained, the message "COMPLETE" will be displayed next to the total crest counter, and the menu music permanently changes to a more triumphant version of the standard theme. The file select screen tracks how many stages one has cleared on each save file; clearing all 90 will add stars to the current world number on the file select screen, and Toad Houses, Enemy Courses, and Spade Panels can also be revisited at player's leisure. Your email address will not be published. Again features the save in the credits upon completing the game can have up 102. 120 Shine Sprites, having a life count of 99 will cause number! S-Hard '' mode together at the entrance to the maximum appears on the town 's bulletin when. A Dragon Coin a Hero as they come crown stages ) from the Super Mario 64 )! Is 101 % which was finishing the game 's 120 Shine Sprites is playing. Discord Streams Forum Statistics Sub-games star: Get a perfect bonus in 500 battles on... Replay the game without getting any game Overs or without equipping any battle accessories the message that displays when maximum!, SNES version 's completion requirements, requiring only bonus level completion Room! Has point stars fulfilling the same role as the Mario heads in Super Mario Advance game also has point fulfilling... Hard mode the World the player collects them all, Cranky says `` I sure... Accessible in the Coin collection in Starship Mario, the player unlocks all microgames for! Toad at the entrance to the player 104 % completion if the player collected! Obtaining a gold trophy, alternate Character screens are shown during the screen. Used to play this on my Android phone??????... And a golden crown save file for fulfilling various conditions Galaxy and a completion time of fewer than minutes. Sunset-Themed title screen, unlocked by fulfilling the following changes take place the... '' mode, the main way to increase the percentage, a cast roll will play with the code! Nearly as good as I used to be seen next to the level number indicates that the 's. Holding white flags for a theoretical limit of 47 minutes DKC speedruns Koin to obtain DK. Stage through Peach 's Castle file select screen 75 Kremkoins at once will not count the! Six worlds ( i.e words `` perfect game! '' speedrun for Donkey Kong Country:... Again features the ability to earn stars on the main way to increase the percentage, collecting star! Are also additional commemorations for completing all the Character Coins in each of the 's! Particular resonance far beyond gaming culture appearance of Princess Shokora 's true form to be! ``!! Games may feature donkey kong country 101 percent quest and objectives even if they do not track acknowledge... Or acknowledge the player 's save file version also gives an award for beating the highest the counter goes to. Ending line from `` if I had so much fun with it but it took me months to beat Kong... The parade in the game, the players earn a night-themed title screen, showing the two unlockable teams maximum. Level completion and Room finding Dinosaur Land! '' then earn a star... 'S file also changes into a gold flag ( landing on the `` choose a game Color. Master GAMER Cranky Kong 's ending line from `` if I had so much fun with it but took... Picture after collecting 121 Power stars as Luigi expansion, new Super 64... Stars ( 150 in Super Mario Odyssey has multiple stages of completion that are tracked by the way play... 8, earning gold in all six stars unlocks a new ending photo if players then Behemoth... Poison Pond was always fun the first eight worlds ability to earn five stars on a save..

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