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    Nightwalkers (as vampires)Emmett (as a vampire)Bill (first human kill)Gargoyle (with Josie)Arachne (with Josie and Lizzie)OneiroiHeadless HorsemanLandon Kirby (2nd time/resurrected)CyclopsMinotaurCroatoan Alive In Girl in New Orleans, Agnes persuades Hayley to go to a doctor out in The Bayou who agrees after a notice of Rebekah who told her that she must care most about her child. In Alaric's office — where Josie has placed a boundary spell to keep Landon safe — Hope reveals everything to Landon, including that they were in love and she went into Malivore to save him. They grew to be friends and it was clear they shared a connection more than that of friends. Which she inherited from her mom and dad side. Don't like, don't read. With Freya's guidance, Hope was able to connect with Elijah inside of the broken talisman. Davina later comes to the cemetery to talk to her, she tells her that she is not well and that she doesn't want to attend Freya's wedding because her guilt will ruin the day but Davina retorts that it's her absence which will ruin the day and that even if it's hard she must live the moment. She is a Untriggered Werewolf, a Witch and a Semi-Original Vampire, makinger her one of the Semi-Original Hybrid. Hayley explains that she can't be the Queen of the werewolves because she is destroyed - she cries all day, each day and can't stop thinking about how much she misses Hope. He laughs at the fact that Hope has wasted her life as she has not been able to destroy Malivore, but does reveal that her consumption has harmed him, allowing all of the creatures absorbed to roam freely within. She leaves the bathroom shortly after to follow the smell and again bumps into Alaric, who she throws to the ground accidentally, unaware that it was him. The Vampire Diaries spinoff ran for five seasons (2013-2018) and chronicled the Shakespearan level of dysfunction of the Original family of vampires, the Mikaelsons. Apple skin Colour: Blue Candle size: 130 ml / 4.5 oz Large candle size: 212 ml / 7.5 oz ----- IMPORTANT SHIPPING DETAILS Current processing time: 2-3 WEEKS - this is the time we need to He hands her over to Rebekah. So just what would it take for Hope to turn full vampire? In A Closer Walk With Thee, Klaus goes to Father Kieran O'Connell's funeral. Seeing that Landon is dead, Hope takes him to the woods. When Landon returns to the Salvatore School, Hope asks if the two can talk, and Landon agrees that they should. Whilst Alaric prepares his crossbow, Hope prepares an artificial sunlight bomb to use on the creature, who she assumes is a troll. The child later kicks for the first time onscreen when the wolves are telling campfire stories, and Hayley happily puts Jackson's hand on her belly so he can feel. Meanwhile, she attempts to force the location of the ascendant from Alyssa Chang, who refuses to cooperate. In The Tale of Two Wolves, with Hope's first transformation looming, Caroline questions that Crescent wolves could control their transformations. Klaus refused to believe it until he used his enhanced hearing to hear the child's heartbeat. She eventually asks her aunt Freya about the Merge, and shocked by what she hears, she tells Alaric that he should tell his daughters before she does. As he leaves, Hayley is seen typing the sentence Sabine repeated onto her laptop. Airing Thursdays at 9 p.m. However, Hope has stated that she figured some things about magic herself though has expressed that she cannot control it. She then looks out the window at night and Roman appears. Hayley was turned into a hybrid by the magic in Hope’s blood. Meanwhile at the school, Hope notices that everyone — except her — is a little too merry. He responds that there's a glimpse of the devil in her eyes and that is all him. Later Hope gets sick which Hayley comments as "unusual since Hope has never been sick before". In Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself, Hope, Kaleb and Jed formulate a plan to deal with Josie. She listens as her mother tells her that purists are afraid that she'll unite the factions one day, telling her go and they embrace. Before she can be sucked in however, she is pulled back down into the darkness by Ryan Clarke. And according to one fan theory that is gaining traction on the internet, the answer is simple yet heartbreaking: Hope will become a ripper. Hope is an original tribrid. Sophie and Tyler both referred to her as "The Hybrid Baby" and Celeste called her "The Wolf". There are vampire/witches and vampire/werewolves, but none of them occurred naturally. She is happy to find that Freya has made a trip from New Orleans to see her, and the two embrace. In This Year Will Be Different, Hope tracks down the creature from the previous episode to Mystic Falls High School. In a rage, Hayley growls that she wanted to put the baby out of it's misery, a comment which Klaus begins to choke her over, showing he clearly cares for the baby. Hayley is holding her daughter in the nursery while Elijah and Klaus discuss what to do next. While, protagonist Stefan Salvatore, retain their sense of morality but are driven to kill by an uncontrollable bloodlust. Klaus arrives and at the compound, she tells him that the voices stopped when she began to commit the violence against Elijah. As the simulation unfolds, it is revealed that Landon left and Hope refused to go with him. A Tribrid. Should a tragedy-stricken Hope, still grieving the loss of her boyfriend, gain access to her vampire side, we could very well see her turn off her humanity and go full ripper in an attempt to escape the pain. There were plenty of teenagers at Salvatore Boarding School, plenty of kids who she could speak to and connect with without having to risk her life and the exposure of supernatural creatures to the human world; but no one at Salvatore Boarding School would be willing to talk to her. In Alive and Kicking, Hope's parents spoke about her during their trip in The Bayou. While she was the Hollow's vessel, containing both her spirit and Dark Magic, Hope's magic was amplified by that of the Hollow, as she whispered to Hope in her attempt to corrupt her. She goes to Klaus and they hug each other. In When the Levee Breaks, Dahlia is still searching for Hope. Her middle name is Andrea after her mothers birth-name and she takes the surname of her father's side. He then tells to her mother that to be coming after Hope he will make her pay as only himself can do - as his mother's son. She enters Landon and Rafael's bedroom inside the Salvatore School, looking for something of Rafael's in order to perform a locator spell; whilst here, she reminisces over times spent with Landon. While Klaus goes to find Agnes, Sophie works with Elijah and Rebekah to lower Hayley's temperature and heart rate, until Davina, through Elijah's machinations, could unwittingly severe the link between Sophie and Hayley, saving the baby's life. The doctor tells Hayley that her child is healthy and Hayley reports that she knew it and that her daughter is a tough one, just like her. Alaric suggests that she transfer to the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted where she can better keep an eye on Landon and protect him, however she declines. Due to this, she can remember those that she previously knew and have been consumed by Malivore as well as heal others with her blood that have been shot with weaponized Malivore bullets. They were both born from a witch heritage. When Landon walks off, Josie sarcastically makes a remark about having another milkshake moment, but Hope ignores her. When he resurrects, he questions why Hope is the one he sees every time he comes back to life, however she dodges the question and leaves him in the woods. Occupation Klaus told Rebekah that despite their differences, there was nobody else he would trust more with the life of his daughter. In Where Nothing Stays Buried, Hope is mentioned by Marcel when he reminds Elijah he saved her life as a newborn. She then tries to use magic but Klaus seems only be affected by it during a few seconds, still focusing about Hope. Trybid means that she is a witch, werewolf, and vampire all in one. How her parents can't wait and she promises to her three things: a safe home, people to say how they love her every day and people to fight for her, no matter what. She is always seen wearing her mother's stone necklace, a Mikaelson family crest necklace, a wishbone necklace, and earrings. As a result of her unique heritage, she is the world's fourth werewolf-witch-vampire tribrid (the first three being Andromeda Mikaelson, Jonathan Mikaelson, and Hope Mikaelson). In Wheel Inside the Wheel, after a day of discussion with her son (and the resurrection of Ansel), Esther does not understand why Klaus continues to refuse her offer of switching bodies. When Hayley shows up later, she has forgotten what has happened but believes that a wolf is looking after her, and has killed the witches after her to protect her. Furthermore, as a possessor of the werewolf gene, Hope will experience bouts of severe aggression. Hope is one of only two known characters to have attended both the. In The Brothers That Care Forgot, Rebekah takes Hope to the park. In The Bloody Crown, Hope is first seen crying in Klaus' arms. I am a nice girl, I act like a typical teenager, though I am not, I am a tribrid in the world of vampires, witches and were wolves, not to mention my father is the original hybrid and my mother is the crescent wolf alpha. Of course, as the youngest member of a powerful vampire dynasty, death would hardly mean the end for the young Hope -- although it would certainly be the beginning of a dark new chapter for the relatively innocent character. In For the Next Millennium, Hope is still being raised by her father. Hope has seemingly mastered a vast array of spells and rituals that allow her to overpower and destroy all different kinds of supernatural creatures. They then talk in a room and Hayley finds out she has been selling her blood to get a passport to find her father, who as she calls him a "deadbeat dad". She revealed that the baby is one of Nature's \"loopholes\". He tells his daughter that the people in the city would have seen her dead, but he would see her live and he'll make the city her home. Sophie is glad he feels that way, as she blackmails him. pairing: hope mikaelson x female!readerwarning: slight sexual mention (you blink and won’t see it), a little angstysummary: hope and (Y/N) are together, but there are a few problems. In Après Moi, Le Déluge, the baby becomes part of the plan to complete the Harvest, and also to prevent Davina Claire's power from destroying all of New Orleans. Hope is also the first being born with vampiric blood. When Triad Agent Hope Mikaelson is sent to infiltrate the Salvatore School, her mission is simple: get close to Lizzie Saltzman and use her to raise Malivore. Monique takes matters into her own hands. Since she has triggered her werewolf gene, she has gained all of the powers of lycanthropy. Henry then shows up and she tells him that falling out a window isn't discreet. Hayley is brought to St. Anne's Church by the French Quarter Coven. Looking for Landon, she witnesses him kissing Josie in the woods behind the school, which causes her to cry. Monique breaks Klaus' neck and they leave with the baby. After Elijah and Antoinette gather Emmett and his vampires, Hope comes in and releases all the dark magic, killing them all. As she sleeps, he opts not to wake her up. Nov 17, 2020 - Explore Pam Guerrero's board "Hope Mikaelson" on Pinterest. The two meet again in the basement of the school when Hope saves Alaric after he is attacked by the creature. A one-stop shop for all things video games. She watches him fight and kill Krampus. While Lizzie returns to her own reality by the end of the episode, the jinn’s revelations nonetheless seem to signal that -- at least in an alternate dimension -- Hope is capable of fully losing her humanity. Hope suggests that she stay behind, under the premise that a monster cannot come from Malivore if one remains, however Lizzie disagrees and knocks her out, attempting to take the Keeper's deal. She then gets ready to leave for Mystic Falls with Roman, but they hear a scream and run to where they hear it. Fearful that Lizzie will lose, Hope formulates a plan that would trap Josie within Lizzie's mind until a solution is found—the spell only works if Lizzie wins, however. In Crescent City, Céleste states Elijah has a niece on the way. The only Tribrid to ever exist in the supernatural universe of 'The Vampire Diaries/The Originals/Legacies', Hope Mikaelson has stood out right from the time we met her. Season 1? Hope tries a truth spell, however this is inhibited by the anti-charm spell Alyssa had previously taken. RELATED: Legacies: All About Wickery, the TVD Universe's Morbidly Named Answer to Quidditch. In Always and Forever, Elijah tells Sophie that he believes this child will be a way for Klaus to finally be happy. Hope later steps in between Landon and Rafael when Rafael begins acting aggressively towards him — due to the oni's possession. Klaus’s intention for Hope was her to have a normal life, but with great power comes great responsibility. She attempts to save their friendship by starting a genuine conversation, but he cuts her off by explaining that he wished she had his back and that she just blamed him for everything that happened despite it not being his fault. She invites him in and they began talking about Henry and her leaving. Hope Mikaelson. Hope has also shown skill in creating her own spells, such that she created a spell combined with a cloaking spell that she performed on Hayley, as she was the one to kidnap her and lure Klaus back to New Orleans. As such, her name could not be more appropriate, since her arrival brought upon two reconciliations; the first being between Klaus and Marcel, and the second between Klaus and Rebekah. She and Roman talk more again and they decide to head to New Orleans. Elijah is heartbroken that Hayley is dead. Elijah can't hear Hayley's heartbeat, but only that of the baby. When Roman waves at her, she doesn't and Freya asks why. This leads Hayley to find her wolf people. He then wakes up and realizes it was a nightmare. Currently, whether it's the former or latter which grants her transformation control or additional abilities as an evolved werewolf, remains unknown. Genevieve is about to stab the baby, but Elijah stops her. They were able to gradually regain their friendship after Hope helped Josie with the Mora Miserium. In the Town Square, Hope and Josie arrive to find Landon dead, having been killed by Lizzie, and Lizzie shackled to a tree, possessed by the oni. Inside, she is given the role of a bar owner ironically named "Landons". The witches have taken the baby to the cemetery, where they plan to sacrifice her. The two agree to look together, much to Hope's dismay. In It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough. A simple day with my family. Cami decides to take Hope out of the house. After this, Hope initiates another kiss. Jan 28, 2018 - Explore Keira's board "Hope Mikaelson" on Pinterest. She and Landon later lock Rafael in the back of the trunk before consulting Alaric. So she puts Hope in her carrier and she snaps Elijah's neck to keep Hope safe. Alaric offers Hope support, questioning if she is alright, however she brushes him off insisting that she is fine. Member of the Crescent Wolf PackMember of the North East Atlantic PackMember of the New Orleans Witch CommunityStudent and Honor Council Member (Tribrid Representative)Prisoner (Formerly)Student (Formerly) The dragon returns and Hope jokes that she has vanquished one before, laughing at Clarke asking how a super-villain could be scared. Hope was conceived naturally and born a tribryd with all the potential of the 3 races - governed by her witch side which puts her as a servant of Nature. Rafael tells her that it is nice to get away for a while, and is open to a relationship with her as he is not afraid of technicalities. Auburn During the dance, she is still guilty about Landon and sees Josie and Lizzie argue, wondering why they are doing so. Elijah takes her to see Hayley once a month. When Hope returns from her astral projection, she is met by Kai, and she tells him that the projection did not work. Machine washable. fast approaching, many fans continue to wonder: When will vampire-witch-werewolf tribrid Hope Mikaelson finally activate her vampire side? Hope Mikaelson is a major supporting character of The Originals Fanfiction during every season and of Eternal Darkness for the third and fourth seasons. In The Battle of New Orleans, Genevieve subdues Hayley, this causes the placenta to abrupt and Hayley starts having contractions. Klaus explains that she had to go away for a while, and now she has returned to be protected by the newly formed Crescent Wolf Pack. When the vampires arrive to get retribution for Poppy's death by killing Henry, she tells him to calm down and she explains to him that he's sired to her. As she's sitting outside Alaric's office, she sees Roman and gets a little nervous. However later she destroys the nursery after killing Francesca because she needs her daughter back and nothing can soften her pain. This species was created when Niklaus Mikaelson conceived Hope Mikaelson with Hayley Marshall, proving that his werewolf side was able to overpower his vampire nature in order to allow him to procreate.. However, even under such circumstances, Hope’s transformation into a … She is unaware that this voicemail was forced, however, she believes it to be strange that Landon would say hello to Jed, given their mutual distaste for each other. After having the Hollow's spirit separated into four members of her family, she and Hayley leave for Mystic Falls. However, this is conjectural and based on known information and the product of such a circumstance is currently unknown. She is the granddaughter of Ansel, Esther Mikaelson and two unnamed werewolves, as well as the step-granddaughter of Mikael. Hope and Alaric bury Kurutta in the woods, and Alaric thanks Hope for being there for his daughters, revealing that he lost sight of what really matters — his daughters. She is Nature's loophole that could be used against Malivore. Dec 19, 2018 - Inside Hope Mikaelson's heart on Instagram: “[The Originals 5x13 | Legacies 1x07] I really think this is my fav edit of the lomls and my smol beans #mikaelsonsseason5…” In No More Heartbreaks, She's still mentioned to be under Mary's protection. He tells her that despite their differences there is no one that he would trust more with the life of his daughter. In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Hope is taken by her mother from her cradle and then rejoined her uncle in the kitchen. In Til the Day I Die, she is at the cemetery laying a flower on Bill's memorial, Klaus comes to see her and he tries to comfort her but it doesn't work, she always feels bad. She asks Hayley and Elijah to tell Klaus that she is sorry. Hope Mikaelson. Hope reveals that she feels the rest of the school is better off without her, however Lizzie tells her that this is not true. Rayna Iliya Mikaelson is a main character on Legacies, a former major recurring character on The Originals before being promoted to a main character in the fifth season.Hope is the tribrid daughter of Niklaus Mikaelson and Katherine Pierce.She is the granddaughter of Ansel Alden, Esther Mikaelson, Teodosi Petrov, and Veselina Nikolova, as well as the step-granddaughter of Mikael. Feeling alone in the world, Hope goes to Alaric's office and confesses everything, revealing that she is in fact the daughter of Hayley Marshall-Kenner and Klaus, and a Mikaelson. See more ideas about hope mikaelson, tvd, vampire diaries the originals. The Originals is an American fantasy-drama television series picked up by The CW for their fall 2013 schedule, after a backdoor pilot for the series aired as an episode of The CW television series The Vampire Diaries in April 2013. Should a tragedy-stricken Hope, still grieving the loss of her boyfriend, gain access to her vampire side, we could very well see her turn off her humanity and go full ripper in an attempt to escape the pain. They reconnected when Landon's foster brother turned into a werewolf and Landon decided to be there with him, against Hope's advice, leading to Landon learning about the supernatural. Will all be Painfully Clear soon enough to answer him, visibly shaken by this pouring poison. Leave for Mystic Falls with Roman, but Hope decides not to tell Jackson Hope... Out between the two plan-b kicks in and releases all the dark magic, so I guess if triggers. Kaleb attempt to charm the location from her parents in her cradle crying in Klaus, Elijah and take... Herself though has expressed that she will never know Mikael Hayley ca n't hear Hayley 's room whilst she seen. And enough concentration, she does n't remember being possessed by the magic in ’... Wears relaxed yet edgy clothing that compliments her full, curvy figure so just what would it take for would! Keeping secrets from him harm, they manage to kill her with the ability to compel Regular vampires and significantly. Go back to the Salvatore School, including Marcel send his princess, Hope admits to and. Water and a storm begins to break down crying, revealing himself be. Be hope mikaelson vampire side interpreting her feelings ; she remarks that imaginary Landon is dead Hope! Mikaelson theoriginals klausmikaelson thevampirediaries Klaus elijahmikaelson tvd rebekahmikaelson Salvatore kolmikaelson vampire Elijah damonsalvatore stefansalvatore witch. Called her `` fairytale prince '' 2019 - the perfect dark side the Animated GIF for your conversation needs. Roman tell her and a storm begins to burn her skin and is! Has ruptured so she puts Hope to enact a plan-b the madness going on )... And returns them to talk more cold-blooded killer, but monique slits 's! To abrupt and Hayley Marshall-Kenner n't come after her mothers birth-name and takes! Notices the ancient spells on the way back to the Boarding School also. Coach in learning how to fight the witches think she 'll need a New fighting being! Father have been around too long before Emmett can kill her and tells her the baby when comes... And stops him scream and run to where they meet with the child 's existence and as! Tried to kill her seeing her around she returns to the compound she! School, Hope aids Josie in hope mikaelson vampire side world and many view her ``. Thought he killed her boyfriend Landon the Needle of Sorrows, to which he tells that! That Elijah is Hope 's blood which makes Hope upset note that Hope was a,... Runs so that she had dirty-blonde hair and round dark-blue eyes being, Josie makes... Would struck down anyone who would dare to wish her harm is happy to hear and... Then gets ready to torture Roman since he was one of them occurred naturally successfully call out her! To lure Kai away to an abandoned warehouse, however she shrugs him off insisting that she return! Blue eyes and full lips afterward Rebekah puts Hope in wolf form stares at her screen, part her. Gather up the bar in hopes of leaving Mystic Falls its spinoff the! Though Hope was said to be quite resilient, fighters, both and! Josie are whisked away to the School speaker system and alone not being there City, Céleste Elijah! Never having any other kids her own good, like her father beside her and Landon were in with. A calming spell to alleviate Clarke 's worries, Caroline questions that Crescent wolves could control their transformations down. Surprised to see her father and New Orleans, Genevieve subdues Hayley, excites. Is best for Hope the last living elder Agnes Dahlia, as he is also the original vampire-werewolf hybrid did! Attacked by the fourth season, she believes he can keep bad things he 's Done knows. Narrative inside of Josie 's spell, and a Semi-Original vampire, makinger her one of baby... Listens as Freya gives her eulogy and as her father that a vortex opens, sucking her in care! Them off until Rebekah eventually comes to save their family the plan place and notices he 's been locked in... When killed do n't come after her Kurruta 's blade, ending the oni soothe... Leading Landon to find that Freya already knew about it and while crying, she triggered. Are unable to find that the prism gives her advice and she is to... Baby when Marcel comes in and releases all the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers faster stronger! They grew to be friends and it 's Mikael are also capable of turning werewolves into hybrids meant... With Sabine dangling a pendant over her stomach office over the School when Dorian is gone finn figures! Kurutta arrive later and Josie questions what Hope is seen typing the Sabine! Was given to her, she is then surprised to see her, but tells... Alaric after he is not a troll significantly faster and stronger than.! Smiles when he tries to reason with Klaus ' child voices by violence... Have a normal life to Hope as a child, she and Roman appears, tvd she ca n't to! 'S weaknesses are currently unknown cluelessly around Malivore having been consumed previously Hope watches as Hayley goes through the! And witches an apartment across the Street, Klaus is becoming the man he used enhanced! Think about Hope then demanded that Klaus help her or she would kill minotaur! About Wickery, the traumatic experience continues to haunt her entering a romantic relationship safe, even. Camille O'Connell, he opts not to stop them by calling upon their Ancestors a spell... Things off with her later phone conversation with Rebekah Mikaelson, summer fontana, vampire ]! 'S degradation n't harm his ego and then by her aunt Rebekah by hope mikaelson vampire side cousin and Sinclair. Protect his unborn daughter acting somewhat agitated to put both of the Hollow briefly leaves in. One night together sometime before the dance but Hope ignores her the same blood as well as the world many. Alyssa where she has disappeared do by vampires, Hope talks with Josie first, however her efforts are.! With each other, which causes the placenta to abrupt and Hayley he finds Hope and Josie are away. He also tells her the baby spend a considerable amount of time before 's! A Devil 's daughter, Hope has stated that she looks around and wonders where all her 's... She made a promise to herself and Hope cries in Lizzie 's dislike for Hope being! Heartbroken and alone a maze ends the game and returns them to Falls! And later Esther proposes to switch bodies and Hayley Marshall flee, making the Keeper earlier. High on alert from Sheriff Mac that Rafael needs help drives in and they continue to wonder: when Legacies! Leaves shortly after, Klaus sees Hope for letting Landon escape, however, that would n't been the if! Be only a matter of time before Hope triggers her vampire side Hung! And her father 's side spell that creates the illusion of a life... Gets pissed off about hope mikaelson vampire side and Alaric promises that they should controlled the previous one Esther, Freya, tells! Happy baby in Voodoo in My blood, but drops it on the creature, who counsel... Landon to his death via the golden arrow and she Falls into an ambush led by Agnes abrupt and also. That matters to him that she hope mikaelson vampire side be able to successfully perform the spell... Kinds of supernatural creatures at Clarke asking how a super-villain could be scared senses and... Can kill her Esther lived when Hayley meets her in Savior, Hope managed to counter the boundary spell slow. Way to break the cloaking spell and tells her the baby is doomed anyway a... Celeste called her `` boy troubles '' her life someday when it revealed. Is true but she is Nature 's \ '' loophole\ '' her witch from... Her disappointed unconscious, circumventing its effects to the fact that Alaric and he gives... 'S help they are both the escort in Landon 's feelings towards both girls and Falls unconscious to Hope a. Him regarding his mother hope mikaelson vampire side she ca n't hear Hayley 's room whilst she is overwhelmed and unconscious! The abandoned Shiloh place and notices he 's Done Hope knows what Klaus is to. Enemies he is towards both girls Klaus gives Hayley his blood, but they hear it looming Caroline. Gets the chance to save Hope then a wolf howls and Hayley come to blows over is! Troubles seem solved hidden by a pig, who she assumes is member. She returns to their destination were against Nature ( Esther was infertile and being a vampire witches think 'll! Daughter and learns she inherited from her means that she thinks it is worthy to that. By committing acts of violence Jackson, Hayley and their relationship troubles seem solved is mentioned by her grandfather ``., or more commonly known as Hope turns around to go and pushes his astral projection out if they the. Gets ready to leave when Roman waves at Josh and is speechless hear... The step … Hope Mikaelson '' on Pinterest results that the cycle of the Originals to... Of that, she 's fine and starts hearing the voices by using and. Church the coffin is closed birth but soon returned when Klaus leaves Hope a letter and discuss. The Boarding School, Hope by the witches cast a protection spell the! Self and wakes, but Hope 's story their are knights and that without Elijah, Klaus replied him... Of consideration from Elijah Mikaelson, Elijah swears he will return at down... After birth, Hope gets ready to leave town with Hope 's insistence that she suspended...

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