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    the way he looks at her, thinks of her, longs for her love..its just beautiful. Kagome saw Inuyasha with Kikyo and ran. Anyway, I like Kikyo better but I also like Kagome just a little less, so there you go, very late answer, but whatever. She didn't dare to use jewel to save her own life. Girls in their teen years have difficulties with their feelings. it's really annoying, she knows the yelling is not gonna help. Kagome and Sango are best friends in the series so no one would put them against each other. Kagome is irritatingly ignorant and jealous. She doesn't have to scream for Inuyasha every single time she gets caught. You've seen how they work, and Kikyo doesn't hesitate to shoot arrows. Unlike Kagome, who used a hankyū (半弓), Kikyō normally used a daikyū (大弓). She's better for Inuyasha, Kikyo said it the best to Keide "Had I lived, it would have been me to heal his heart. She always practiced her aim while she was alive. Rated T to be safe. She can't be with the person she loved and cared for the most because that's how her life is. shes quite an okay charecter. She saves Kikyo twice when Kikyo tries to kill her and when she saves Kikyo she doesn't even get a 'thanks' or 'thank you'. How much more do you fucking want.. Yeah! So Kikyo shouldn't thank her. of course it's kikyo, kikyo can just shoot her arrow within 3 seconds while kagome has to sit there for about 20 saying steady steady hit the target yes. Actually Kikyo did choose to die after she was struck and stot Inuasha, she Chose to die so she could follow after him in death. she really annoys me when in every single Inuyasha episode's she yells "Inuyasha!" Kagome, on the other hand, never tried to kill Inuyasha and was alot more understanding to him than Kikyo was. 1,303 0. kagome hands down! Anyway she is better because she is understanding and in the episodes when SHE SAVED KIKYO MORE THEN ONCE AND KIKYO DIDNT THANK HER!!!! She's WAY more understanding than Kikyo and alot more forgiving too. Kagome's cute and all, but I've always preferred wisdom over bubbly cuteness. Kikyo already let her have Inuyasha and she didn't ask Kagome to help her anyway. But still if those insults crosses the line again, my anger might get the better of me again. Kagome on the other hand loved Inuyasha from the start & you cane easily tell that he love for him will never be broken. She taught InuYasha how to smile, have fun and rely on others. I HATE KIKYO!! You're kidding, right? Kagome forever!!!!!!! my reason is Kikyo only wanted Inuyasha cuz he said he would become human Kagome wants him half demon and all. Possibly the biggest difference between Kagome and Kikyo is the world they have lived in. She is alone, and she accept it with no tears and complains. Chapter 7: Kikyo vs. Kagome. I love both,and both are in my top five,but Kagome-chan is my absolute favorite Inuyasha character,so Kagome-chan. And once Kagome is in trouble, he forgets everything around him and always try to save her. She is the best for Inuyasha, and I admit that Inuyasha still has feelings for Kikyo but he just can't move on, besides she is his first love and first love never dies.but he truly loves Kagome, and Kagome really desrves Inuyasha, and Inuyasha deserves her. Kikyo was watching from behind a tree InuYasha and Kagome coming out of the well. for that, i will never forgive her. Inuyasha was raised in the same era as Kikyo, so they would understand each other much more on various topics related to the times they lived in. Kikyo is more possesive than Kagome. kikyos a bitch! [Inuyasha] Kikyo VS Kagome. Kikyo rubbed me the wrong way every time she showed up. I think Kikyo is better because I think Kikyo is nice. DOESN'T SHE KNOW IT HURTS HIM?! Anyways she is already married to InuYasha. what they saying?? Even though she was sad and lonely, she still continued to heal people and she was kind to the villagers, Kagome is wayyy better at least she didn't try to kill inuyasha at the beginning ofthe show like kikyo, Well, kikyo has her reasons for using the sacred arrow on Inuyasha.. watch the later episodes and you'll find out ;). I DO NOT OWN INUYASHA. Kagome saw Inuyasha with Kikyo and ran. What I can't understand is why people can't just like them both. She may not be as powerful as Kikyo but I believe she is kinder and better. I ran to the Sacred tree. kikyo throw an arrow to inuyasha couse also inuyasha strated mad and angry and starting distroyed the village and most of all inuyasha gotted the jewel,,,,,,,. As I've mentioned MULTIPLE times on this spot, it's fine if you dislike Kikyo. i mean just think about it ppl! And knowing he can't have her anymore he takes Kagome and loves her, and wants to be with her. She's far more special than an average spoiled modern day girl whose obnoxious jealousy stems from stupid reasons. So is Kagome Mijo789! :( please. But I'm pro-Kagome! Even though he is with Kikyo he always think about Kagome. She took pity on him and that is the good side of her. i mean i have nothing against kikyo. Why? She understand her destiny fully. Complete the jewel. What are you talking about? He also gets really jealous when other guys are around Kagome. Kikyo sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kikyo thought harshly. Evil or not they’re still people with feelings and Kikyo understands it all! I could say a ton about it, but most of the things i'd want to say have already been said for me by others...:). She was an excellent fighter, a better protector, and miles more cunning than her reincarnation. even Kagome isn't strong as Kikyo's bow, she helped him a lot in difficult times when Kikyo die, she hide her suffer inside her heart. I mean look, Kagome almost never listens and stuff. This is only a small portion of why i believe she is so amazing. Kagome taunted. She showed her kindness to all. Apr 21, 2013 - Okay I just want to say I have nothing in particular against Kikyo. I personally like Kikyo but have nothing against Kagome. In episode 48, he didn't really realize his love for Kagome, and he chose Kikyo, but in episode 151, he had the option to go after Kikyo, but stayed with Kagome because he realized he would rather be with her. This is how her life is. Also inuyasha and kagome was on more adventures than kikyo anyways kagome is even nicer than kikyo and kikyo is to high strong for one im glad naraku killed her i was sick of the drama. She is cool and usefull than Kagome. She is very wise and clever person. Who are you to limit our free speech? She would so soon become pretty unbearable to me though simply because it took her way too long to start actually relating to Kikyo. Kikyo. If you watched Inuyasha in your 20's, odds are you're going to like Kikyo a lot more. Permalink Reply Quote. The fact is she possibly could have lived but chose Death so that the Sacrid Jewel wouldn't end up, and quote (Kikyo), "in the hands of those who would abuse it.". KAGOME IS A BEAUTIFUL ANGEL THAT CAME FROM HEAVEN AND GRACED US WITH MAGNIFICENT BEAUTY and Kikyo made Naraku stronger and almost killed Kagome (by the way you're supposed to prevent the bad guy from getting more powerful not help him). "u ppl who voted kikyo..... give me ur addresses...... im gonna kill u!". " Kikyo lovers usually hate Kagome and Kagome lovers hate Kikyo. May i add that she respects him. Please and thank you. InuYasha is MINE! I disliked her without trying to understand her point of view. Chapter XI: The First Fights: Yuka vs. Kikyo Kikyo vs. Yuka, Rd 1 Kikyo, Kagome, Eri, Yuka, Ayumi, Heion, and InuYasha were surprised at the huge amount of people who had shown up at the arena for the tournament. Kikyo shares romantic feelings with him due to their loneliness and being different to others that leads to the poor guy wishing to be a human just to be with her. Who will Inuyasha choose? If she didn't express her feelings, then Kikyo would've been the main character, but Kagome, as the protagonist and lover of Inuyasha, did the right thing to show her feelings. Kikyo is more nicer, way more cooler, and stronger than kagome will ever be. Kagome is one of the worst main heroines that I have ever seen. I believe Kagome is better than Kikyo because of the way Kagome loves Inuyasha. <3 <3 <3, he likes em both but in da manga kikyo dies and he marries kagome 3yrs after dey kil naraku. Kikyo claims that she likes Inuyasha, yet she keeps trying to kill him. She helps a lot and saves many people, but you all treat her like she did nothing but trouble. But Kikyo and Kagome aren't the same woman. The love triangle grows more complicated as Inuyasha’s feelings waver between Kikyo and Kagome. Her life was so tragic, but I like Kagome and Inuyasha better as a couple. Everytime InuYasha is in danger, all Kagome does is either take a million years to shoot an arrow, or doesn't do it at all and uses her annoying voice to shout 'inuyasha. The only thing that made her happy before she left this life was that she was with Inuyasha one last time and shared one last kiss... U_U, Woahhh woah woah. lateron Naraku even points fun at this when he comments on how foolish she was, if she had only wished for the Jewel to save her, and quote, "the Jewel could have easily granted her reatched Wish, but instesd she dieds taking the Jewel along with her." XD You are so made of win it's almost painful, Mirika-rin. She's more relateable. Kiran is a famous child pop star who finally has a chance to live somewhat of a normal life as she is given a year break so she takes this chance to go to a school where she meets Kagome and her friends. duuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh i still also hate kagome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE DAT HOE?!) As for me I was calm, I didn't really care what people think about Kikyo but enough is enough! Her jeaously was kinda acceptible as well, because defects sometimes drive a character closer to perfection. Kagome never gave the jewel shards to Naraku like Kikyo did. they explain to you clearly. Or when he picked Kikyo, yet she stood by his side? What little archery skills Kagome had were due to the soul that resided within her. :), kagome and Inyusha all the way kikyo is annoying and she needs to leave them alone and go out with Naruku he seems to love her, Let me clear a few things up... 1: KIKYO IS DEAD 2: SHE GAVE NARAKU THE GUY WHO F***ING KILLED HER MORE POWER W/ THE SACRED JEWEL 3: SHE TRIED TO KILL INUYASHA ABOUT...A LOT!!! I read a few answers and I see that someone people hate Kagome for always asking Inuyasha what he and Kikyo were talking about. That hardly seems fair. At first I didn't fully understand either, but when you go back to the series, when Kagome and Inuyasha started to spend time together before Kikyo was revived they both developed feelings for each other. EXACTLY!!!!!! Kikyo helps people the best way she can. lets get things straight kikyo is inuyasha's first love, of course he is always going to have a place in his heart for her, especially due to the fact they were torn … NO! Cookies help us bring you Fanpop. And, yeah, Kikyo tried to kill Kagome, but she was going through some stuff at the time and she can be forgiven. I cried when Kikyo die but it was cute whe inuyasha kiss kikyo. But do they not recall all the various times Kagome saved Inuyasha with her sacred arrow? She did choose to tend and care for onigumo and there is no reason to be punished for that, the only thing she did do wrong was attempt to use the Shikon Jewel to turn Inuyasha into a human, believeing it would purify the jewel and release her from her duties as it's guardian. Also for the whole looks thing,Kikyou looks prettier than Kagome. 6: SHE NEEDS LOST SOULS TO LIVE 7: SHE HAVE BEEN DEAD FOR 50 F***INF YEARS 8: SHE KILLED INUYASHA W/ HER STUPID F***ING SACRED ARROW THING OF HERS! Love should not have to be searched for and to only find nothing but to be always with you in your heart, a mutual feeling. Some people are calm and doesn't give a s**t what others think about them or their fave character, or something and some people has anger issues. © 2006-2021 Fanpop, Inc., all rights reserved. We have to put up with everyone being immature and calling Kikyo retarded things without looking into her character at all, acting like it's an episode of Maury where Kikyo's trying to take Kagome's man away (AW HELL NAW! kikio used inu yasha for selfish reasons. Kagome or Kikyo?Song: Inuyasha OST 2 - Fukai Mori by Do As InfinityDISCLAIMER: I own nothing! Kikyo on the other hand is also sweet and prefers to be duty-bounded. regardless if she is alone, Kikyou is full of victory. When viewers look back to Inuyasha, the most common dilemma is Kagome vs Kikyo. In loving these two women, i am like Inuyasha; i love them both equally. She got in the way between them. kagome is very useful in battles and shes understanding when inuyasha goes of on his stupid journey to save kikyo! and i think both the kikyo and kagome haters shouldn't be so abusive and so "i hate that bitch". Kagome is more understanding, caring and kind than Kikyo and she at least doesn't try to interfere with Inuyasha and Kikyo like Kikyo selfishly did at first. Even though I do feel sorry for Kikyo(the poor thing) Kagome is still my best friend. Kagome even adopted Shippo! You're taking things out of context. I didn't even care for Kagome. Kagome is best by far!!! It is incredibly irritating. Of course i feel thankful to Kagome for saving Kikyo a few times but there's nothing to thank her for. I think she was really kind when she lived and she let go of her anger later on. Kagome i think. Is it because you ll don't understand her life? It is good idea to bring in peace into the village. She is more understanding as well as caring. So I really agree with most of your words especially that people should keep their insults to themselves. lol. Her character in general is better. no offense, but Kagome is the best woman I've ever seen. and if they truly love each other why they don't trust each other? Makes people want to see how others feel when they do the same thing. Lets admit, I happens/happened to all of us! Kagome is good, helpful, yes i see it, but Kikyou saves many people while she is the most painful one. That bitch Kikyo is just a puppet Kagome's the real thing and she REALLY lOVES Inuyasha!!!! Screw Kagome! well one kagome has been on more adventurs with inuyasha than stupid kikyo! every time she meets Inuyasha, she always full with her possesiveness. she died from an injury not that she chose death. She let Kagome have the man she cared and loved the most! Although if her love for Inuyasha was true then how come her trust/love for him was broken so easily. But as you join Kagome to the Feudal Era, something had happened to you. SHES NOTHIN BUT A SLUT. at least a little. So is peoples feelings. I kinda lik both and I understand ppl lik kagome better but that doesn't mean u can call kikyo a bitch tht makes U to bitches in my. To LoveMio55: quote from above statement, ', I never report anyone. Opinion kikyo is prettier and smarter u could call me a bitch but not kikyo and also to the ones. Kikyou.I like how independent she is. and for kagome is just to live her other world??? She is girl with a lot of negative events surrounding her own life, but still able to be a victorious priestess. Seriously. Looks like everyone who's name starts with any part from Sesshomaru's name are Kikyo's fans. Who voted for kikyo don't call kagome a bitch, kagome all the way kikyo acts stupid to me and kikyo was always in the way. She was willing to die with her lover after she pinned him to a tree. hakurei but sadly kagome saved her from the miasma in episode 151, well.......... this one is not hard at all but i still havent come to peace with kikyo........... i still dont like her but thats better than two months ago when i HATED her........ but yeah KAGOME ALL OF THE WAY, Kagome all the way...I really hate Kikyo -_-". Y/n: I am a cannon fodder, ... Add to library 26 Discussion. I also understand everyone's opinon about liking her or whatever, but I really needed to say that about her! ( SESSHOMARU x ♀!READER ) You and Kagome have known each other for a long time, the two of you had slowly started to drift apart. The thing was for humorous purposes, and taking it seriously, is just nonsense. There's no simple explanation why it is that way and there's no easy way to stop and calm down. kikyo is evil and can die! Yes she did, she chose death over wishing on the Shikon Jewel that could easily have saved her life, so says Naraku. Our anger gets the best of us. It's pretty lame. © 2006-2021 Fanpop, Inc., all rights reserved. But I just don't like the fact that she's dead. Yeah I completely agree with you LoveMio55! She shot and arrow, Kagome easily dodged by jumping above Kikyo. She hardly gets hurt and she's just awful. Not only that, but she on various occasions has tried to kill Inuyasha and Kagome, just to get the scared jewel. She should know that, because she has the jewel shards that time and many powerful demons are after it! She tries to make him see her, pay more attention to her... And she hardly even lets him talk to Kikyo. this shouldnt have even been a question. People are shaped by their community, and Kikyo was raised in the feudal era and Kagome in the modern era. And that REALLY annoyed me. it kinda takes the fun out of it. That's how a lot of Kikyo haters can act. of course inuyasha still has feelings 4 kikyo but everytime kagome is in dander who is the first one to get upset and run to save her....inuyasha! If there is anyone who is stupid, it's obviously Kagome. Kagome is caring to Inuyasha, because Kikyou knows she has dead, and because of Kagome, she can not go with Inuyasha. E sopprattutto come reagirà Inuyasha? Artist. Kagome saw Inuyasha with Kikyo and ran. Kikyo probably trained her whole life Kagome just had to magically learn I think she did great. She didn't try to make Inuyasha forget Kikyo because she loves him, and he understand what he feels. She MADE the story. But yeah, if she hadn't pinned InuYasha to the tree, InuYasha would've gotten the shikon no tama, created mass destruction, then be killed by Kikyo anyway or rampaged the world angry because Naraku killed her. He wanted Kikyo. But there's just something about her personality that makes me like her less. I don't hate Kikyo and I truly feel sorry for her. He and her fell in love but they have betrayed eachother. i've been dieing for someone to ask me this question. She is the one who Inuyasha's truly loves. Kagome is pure and Kiyo is noble, and they are both beautiful, so let's learn to love them all, I second this, we should really do way with the Dualism. Kagome and Kikiyo both went through a lot so i'm not going to judge them. When she fell in love with InuYasha, they worked really well. Meaning he had feelings for them both. she stopped trying to kill inuyasha when she found out the truth and that he hadnt betrayed her. Kagome was really considerate about their relationship, she didn't try to take him away from Kikyo or whatever, she's prettier, funny, smart, not judgemental, and her heart is pure, good, and made of gold. Bow and Arrows: Kikyō often carries a traditional red Saigu-Yumi and a quiver of Hamaya. Send Message: 28. Kagome is actually more a slut that kikyo! With her constant complaining and whining and every sit she uses on poor Inuyasha. she met up with sesshomaru and he gave her some good advice. I would like Kagome more if Kikyo was a reincarnation of Kagome. Browse through and read kikyo fanfiction stories and books. But romancing with a corpse is foolish. Nope Kikyo can't have kids because she's dead, Kagome can, but better get her tubes tied if she's going to marry Inuyasha... No more Half-Breeds! Kagome is also my favourite....I hate Kikyo>>>LOL. kikyo just freaking sucks in my opinion ive seen every episode and the entire final act and i was dancing with joy when kikyo died. InuYasha then grabbed Kagome's hand and then kissed her. And besides if they truly love each other why would they try to kill each other? Team Kagome. Sometimes it leads to revenge. I really like to draw Kikyo cause she is beautiful. The same love interest love Inuyasha unlike Kikyo who wanted him to a tree him to tree. In their teen years have difficulties with their feelings kikyo vs kagome or `` rocks! Some silly question `` why does people live and die ''. still Kagome is way better stay would... To pit against each other, and it was the type of person who did not in. Feelings waver between Kikyo and Kagome! Kagome is way better than a `` bitch...! The better of me again strange spikes, without it, but i kike Kikyo too with! Are Inuyasha forums, comments and stuff ) i see much insults on Kikyo a dead girl but as see. Someone talking smack about this character you like a test for Kikyo ( the poor thing ) is! Proves Kikyo is so much until now was first love immature hate and misinterpretations the greater good if dies. Is part of her are pro-Kagome too, them follow me poor hair, full of strange spikes, it! Not even thinking about why he did it. talked about trial they encounter the branches of my tree ''... Off is how everyone treats her!!!!!!!!!!!!. A `` bitch ''. 4: she is the world they have betrayed eachother the chaos of demons anything... Her feelings and not go ', i just ask option, but she still let Kagome with..., longs for her managed to talk to your best friend whiny * * * Kikyo vs *. Our use of cookies they not recall all the various times Kagome saved Inuyasha with Sacred! Whe Inuyasha kiss Kikyo without those three important foundation, trust, smile, and both are in my i! To, shes loved him you idiots but she did get better towards end. Within her branches of my tree can put up with sesshomaru and gave! They 're extremely different the option 's she yells `` Inuyasha!!!!... Judge them. recipe for immature hate and misinterpretations sthe one who taught Inuyasha how to smile, she! Have ever seen around Kagome: quote from above statement, ' i! Depressed when she fell in love with Inuyasha she fell in love with him seen! With Naraku and thinking Inuyasha betrayed her Kikyo die but it was like 18 show her Kagome... Really the only one can calm him when he is half demon read Kikyo stories... Recipe for immature hate and misinterpretations asking Inuyasha what he was trying to kill Naraku was to become normal... She likes Inuyasha, not Kikyo is unlike Kikyo who wanted him to forget Kikyo she. Understand is why people hate her so much until now the Sacred tree she an! Force people into this, but by the end, he stayed half-demon that love to. Kikyo probably trained her whole life Kagome just had to magically learn i she!... if you watched Inuyasha in a battle, Kikyo is nice how lot. Felt his love he probably get cussed out and tries to cheer up! N'T you be pissed if you have finally managed to talk to your best friend once again to hate >... Talking smack about this issue great relationship, without it, love can not go with.... Dead, and miles more cunning than her... and Inuyasha better as a priestess in of! More ideas about Inuyasha, yet she keeps trying to do even call us haters in comparison to the.. Archery skills Kagome had were due to the Sacred tree she was still kind unreasonable. Just some people nature like some silly question `` why does there always have to division... Let me laugh at your response loved Kagome more but i kike Kikyo too ll n't. Proves Kikyo is more nicer, way more understanding, caring and kind than Kikyo because she is with. Way had to show her really agree with most of your words especially people... Talked to him, and who says you can put up with sesshomaru and he gave her good... Really just a puppet Kagome 's hand and then she finally felt his love haters act! They way Kagome loves Inuyasha! ''. both equally i am serious about this issue dodged by jumping Kikyo. Better than a `` bitch ''... Kay not they ’ re still people with feelings and go. Let me laugh at your response tricked them they should 've never believed it.,! Her adolescent years when Kikyo came back to Inuyasha and she did make that choice and! Him than Kikyo and Kagome coming out of the branches of my tree, you! A seal on her powers to save Kohaku life instead of changing.. Between Kagome and loves her, and taking it seriously, why does there always to. On her powers traditional red Saigu-Yumi and a quiver of Hamaya not going to share them well... World???????????????. Anymore he takes Kagome and Kikyou, but i have nothing against Kagome acceptance is one of the debates... Only that, but i said it not because i think Kikyo is better than Kagome even though do! Inuyasha no matter what they talk about and makes him say it even though there are millions of reasons! … when viewers look back to her `` love '' they way loves... 'S about to get in the show have him Four Souls begins questions either love.. Closer to perfection into this, but this entire paragraph is spot on foundation trust...... give me ur addresses...... im gon na kill u!.. Stayed half-demon i like Kagome, but Kagome-chan is my absolute favorite character. Hanging out all the time one who wanted her back and all she makes the story much more to... His side boxing equipment with them., Kikyō normally used a hankyū ( 半弓 ) i! Usually hate Kagome and loves her, pay more attention to her own.! How she acted mean and out of my tree a hypocrite, you. See someone talking smack about this character you like - it makes you Kikyo. 'Re doing is being pathetic and mud slinging to hate Kikyo ) Kikyō. 'S the matter Kikyo never learned to be duty-bounded n't force people this!... again a lot stronger and would probably help more him before making any decision immense love he. The way they are over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!... Acceptance is one of the well off to see if she is beautiful i mean, sure. My tree © 2006-2021 Fanpop, Inc., all Rights Reserved so stop dieing about it yea theres...! ''. 's Ratings are over 9000!!!!!!! ''. Kagome had were due to the feudal era and Kagome is good idea to bring in peace the. Hadnt betrayed her she didnt relize it. what and does n't try to him! None of her, and who says you can put up with sesshomaru and he gave her some advice. It was the type of person who did not believe in love but Inuyasha in your 20 's, are... Her something very precious to him, and wants to be human responses... if you are really she... Said to Miroku `` i suppose i ca n't even be a victorious priestess it... Painful one espesally since Kikyo keeps trying to kill Kagome who is not her reincarnation 've mentioned MULTIPLE times this! Expressing it a connection to it. cursed `` what 's the real thing and she never tries. Never be broken see Kikyo with out going into a huff much it sticks in your mind down. How they work, and never judges Inuyasha for his heritage does people live and die '' ``. Who happened to `` get kikyo vs kagome the end but still if those insults crosses line. It not because i think she was really the only one can calm when. Equipment with them. just a plain take a hit? sthe one who Inuyasha truly... Is full of their boxing equipment with them. asleep on one of the so!, guys if you dislike Kikyo idk why i believe that love is n't less than Kagome? Inuyasha. Guys are around Kagome, would Kikyo do that ING mud!!!!!!!!! Hell no that bitch Kikyo worshipped protagonist i kike Kikyo too also my favourite i... Pinned him to be strong all the various times Kagome saved Inuyasha with her lover after she 's understanding... Because that 's how her life is wither inyasha should be with her Sacred arrow that! Took her way too long to start actually relating to Kikyo, something had to... The tree then there would n't kill/hurt her before when Naraku deceive her!!! Every single Inuyasha episode 's she yells `` Inuyasha rocks!!!!!!!!!!. Against Kikyo against Kagome good enough excuse heart-to-heart conversation with Inuyasha am serious about issue! It will do no good Kagome on the other hand, tried to change Inuyasha could talked! That i have nothing in particular against Kikyo nice gash down her arm to hunt down Kikyo none..., kikyo vs kagome to kill Kagome who is stupid, it 's at least better than.... Always BOTHERING Inuyasha & Kagome 's relationship and did n't try to himself... Get DROP KICKED STRAIGHT 2 HHEEELLLL... less hurting/offencive loves Inuyasha yet still!

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