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    who said we are all the president's men

    There's a cartoon on his wall. There are many ways to approach teaching “All the President’s Men,” depending on the class, students’ ages, current events and time constraints. Do you like scaring the life out of decent people?--'cause if you don't, in the name of God--stop it! Immediately after that address, the president walked over to St. John's, which, we just told you, was burning fewer than 24 hours ago, and that provided a powerful symbolic gesture. Dr. Jerry Newcombe is a key archivist of the D. James Kennedy Legacy Library, a spokesman and cohost of Kennedy Classics. What would’ve been so bad about Hillary?’” Becky said. As we all now know, he pursued it—all the way through the 1974 book by Woodward and Bernstein to the glittery premiere of All the President’s Men at the Kennedy Center in April 1976; to eight Oscar nominations, including for best picture; and to guaranteed screenings of the guys in chunky ties following the money in every Journalism 101 class for decades to come. Some of the tape is too shocking, and honestly, it's too incendiary. What happened on June 17 I don't think the President knew anything about. The Constitutional Rights Foundation notes that \"all men are created equal\" can be found in the Declaration of Independence of 1776. Then the P.R. Bernstein: This is practically a high school reunion for us, Jane--I would have sprung for a classier place. And if we're wrong, we're resigning. National editor: This White House guy, a good one, a pro, came up and asked what is this Watergate compulsion with you guys and I said, well, we think it's important and he said, if it's so goddamn important, who the hell are Woodward and Bernstein? Perhaps the single most memorable character from All the President’s Men is never physically described, remains nameless throughout, is never directly quoted and could not even be referred to in polite company for many years because his nickname was derived from the title of an explicit pornographic film popular at the time. Bookkeeper: A lot of it was. Woodward: This man Gordon Liddy--he's going to be tried along with Hunt and the five burglars--we know he knows a lot, we just don't know what. Bob Woodward: Hunt's come in from the cold. But the truth is, I can't figure out WHAT we've got. Bernstein: What have you been here, nine months? Ben Bradlee: You know the results of the latest Gallup Poll? We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. We can't seem to figure out what the puzzle is supposed to look like. I just thought it was sort of an all-purpose political fund--you know, for taking fat cats to dinner, things like that. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. You come up with anything? Period. Goodnight. Let me just go see. If you print that, our relationship will be terminated. Stayton concluded: "Goldman was the sole author of All the President's Men. What really hurts is if you try to cover it up. Librarian: I think I do remember, he took out a whole bunch of material. [Woodward nods] How much? The last time I saw it was when I was in Washington. Foreign editor: It's not that we're using unnamed sources that bothers me, or that everything we print the White House denies, or that almost no other papers are reprinting our stuff. Carl Bernstein: Why did it take you two weeks to tell us this, Sally? Jane: This girlfriend of mine at the Committee, the other day she went back to the D.A. Woodward: I don't know maybe sixteen, eighteen hours a day--we've got sources at Justice, the FBI, but it's still drying up. Bernstein: It makes sense; Hunt worked for the C.I.A. Bookkeeper's sister: Would you like some coffee or anything? Half the country never even heard of the word Watergate. They control everything; that's how they know it all. Bookkeeper: [nods] It was all so crazy--the day after the break-in he gave us a speech, bouncing up and down on his heels in that loony way of his--Gordon told us not to let Jim McCord ruin everything--don't let one bad apple spoil the barrel, he said. "If you want to make enemies, try to change something." Do you think he said that to impress you, to try to get you to go to bed with him? dahlberg: I don't know; I really don't. Woodward: The twenty-five thousand dollar one....The one with your name on it...In Bernard Barker's Florida account...Bernard Barker, the Watergate burglar. … Bernstein: Then again, maybe things are even worse than we've written... Sloan: Try and understand this. Bernstein: Forget it, the main thing--did you call me a failure? Everyone says, "Get off it, Ben", and I come on very sage and I say, uh, "Well, you'll see, you wait till this bottoms out." I been in this business since I was sixteen. Bernstein: Maybe a political operative of some sort. Bookkeeper: No... never in so many words... Bernstein: It's obvious you want to talk to someone--well, I'm someone. Bernstein: Could buy a lot of steaks, 350,000 dollars. You've heard of him? This whole thing didn't start with the bugging of the headquarters. Bob Woodward: But you could tell me that. The script had William Goldman's distinct signature on each page." Woodward: OK. Douglas Caddy, the attorney of record, when questioned about his presence in the courtroom, denied he was in the courtroom, "I'm not here," Mr. Caddy said. Bob Woodward: Markham. Who did you say? ", Woodward: Hi, I'm Bob Woodward of the Post and--. Bernstein: You heard? Ben Bradlee: Goddammit, when is somebody going to go on the record in this story? Bernstein: Hi. One Black woman said three white men hit her with a brick and beat her. Rosenfeld: Just that on his office wall there's a cartoon with a caption reading, "When you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow. But when I called the White House Press office, they said he hadn't worked there for three months. Carl Bernstein: Bob, listen, I think I've got something, I don't know what it is. guy said the weirdest thing to me. Judge: Anti-communists? Bernstein: I sure couldn't hurt it, could I? Whatever you want, you'll have to get from him, I have nothing more to say. Foreign editor: I don't believe the goddamn story, Howard, it doesn't make sense. However, he rarely took communion and attended church sporadically. Directed by Alan J. Pakula.Written by William Goldman, based on the book by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Man: I know who you are and I'm not afraid but that don't mean I'll talk to you either--you're just a couple Democrats out to stop Nixon getting re-elected. Deep Throat: You thought I'd help out on specifics? Nobody gives a shit. Dahlberg: You're definitely doing a story? All we've got are pieces. He's also a novelist; we know that he works in the office of Charles Colson at the White House... Bob Woodward: The story is dry. Bernstein: It was bullshit the way it was. Woodward: You believe in the President, you wouldn't ever want to do anything disloyal. There’d been too many stories like this. Gay Men and the Presidents Who Loved Them. Bob Woodward: That's why we'd like to see your husband. Don't call me again. Woodward: You handed out the money. Woodward: Did he just say what I think he said? But the Committee's briefed us on you--so get the hell out of here. Were we wrong? Caddy: Clearly, I am here, but only as an individual, I'm not the attorney of record. They put us both on the break-in thing. Woodward: According to White House personnel, Hunt definitely works there as a consultant for Colson. Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post. Bob Woodward: Segretti was doing this a year before the bugging. On 18 May 2020, Trump threatened to permanently terminate all American funding of WHO and consider ending U.S. membership. He quit because he saw it and didn't want any part of it. 16 Jan. 2021. They teach you about striped ties and suddenly you're smart. That said, Harry Truman was the best president of the 20th century, and he loved Bess and Bess alone, despite her "radiant" personality. I worked in the White House four years--so did my wife. Woodward: If you don't like them, why won't you be more concrete with me? Deep Throat: You've done worse than let Haldeman slip away: you've got people feeling sorry for him. The caption reads, "When you've got 'em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.". Not to mention over two thousand dollars, mostly in sequenced hundred dollar bills. Bookkeeper: The ones who could disburse the money....I don't want to say anymore. Bernstein: It was all in hundreds, wasn't it? Carl Bernstein: All these checks from Mexico? Bookkeeper: There are too many people watching me--they know I know a lot. Just be sure you're right. Foreign editor: Ben, Jesus, there are over two thousand reporters in this town, are there five on Watergate? Howard Hunt's been found--there was talk that his lawyer had 25 thousand in cash in a paper bag. At times it looked like it might cost them their jobs, their reputations, and maybe even their lives.taglines While this is nothing new, it is concerning evidence of a pattern among the left. Come on, you're hedging. Carl Bernstein: The letter that said Muskie was slurring the Canadians. They said Hunt hadn't worked there for three months. Sloan: As opposed to the Committee? Carl Bernstein: When did you say he told you? McCord: Government, uh, recently, uh, retired. Woodward: I see. You're implying that I should know. She's afraid of John Mitchell, and you're afraid of Walter Cronkite. My name's Bob Woodward, I'm from the Post and I wanted to ask about how you happened to come on this case--. Rosenfeld: Ask him what he's really saying--he means take the story away from Woodstein and give it to his people at the National Desk. The House voted Wednesday to impeach President Trump for his role in inciting the deadly Capitol attack. The truth is, I've never had any requests at all from Mr. Hunt. Carl Bernstein: Facing certain criminal charges that might be brought against some people that are innocent, we just feel that it would be... Bob Woodward: It's really for his benefit. Rosenfeld: As usual, that keen mind of yours has pegged the situation perfectly. See 10 common words and phrases you may be surprised to learn were coined or popularized by U.S. Deep Throat: Follow the money. Harry Rosenfeld: The Virginia legislature story? But to make people’s lives better. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Deep Throat: Talk? That, sir, is not your average profession. Enjoy the best Franklin D. Roosevelt Quotes at BrainyQuote. to tell the things the FBI didn't ask her. Sloan: That's another of the things I'm not so sure of. Bernstein: You were Hugh Sloan's bookkeeper when he worked for Maurice Stans at Finance, and we were sort of wondering, did you go work for Stans immediately after Sloan quit or was there a time lapse? But somewhere in this world there is a Kenneth H. Dahlberg, and we gotta get to him before the New York Times does, because I think they've got the same information. The religious beliefs of the first president of the United States of America have been the subject of debate since he held office. The Bible says: Don't be deceived; God is not mocked. Howard Simons: Isn't that what you expect them to say? And he replied. Rosenfeld: Absolutely--and that's all they do, sit sit sit--every once in a while, they call up a Senator, some reporting. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. “We got a president who finally feels how we feel and we’re going to make America great again by getting rid of n****rs like you,” she recounted one of them saying. You just know that when Gordon Liddy's calling someone a bad apple, something's wrong somewhere. Democrats have recently joined forces in blaming President Trump of fanning the flames of violence. Woodward: Does "they" mean the White House? --Jeff Shannon,'s_men_quotes_245. "All the President's Men" is truer to the craft of journalism than to the art of storytelling, and that's its problem. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Librarian: What I said before? Lawrence: The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts. Quotations by Franklin D. Roosevelt, American President, Born January 30, 1882. I simply asked what were Hunt's duties at the White House. We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Bob Woodward: Excuse me, what is your name? Bernstein: You don't really think you're being followed? Can I sit down for a minute? STANDS4 LLC, 2021. Bob Woodward: Yes, we know that. Carl Bernstein: The deputy director of White House communications wrote the Canuck letter. I don't think we should cover the story, period. Ben Bradlee: A wife and a family and a dog and a cat. All big men are dreamers." "All the President's Men Quotes." But the phrase could regularly be found in the 42nd president’s own campaign speeches. Which is why you can talk to us. Presidents have long had gay advisers. Bernstein: Please, yes, thank you. Bob Woodward: Segretti crisscrossed the country, at least a dozen times. PRESIDENT OBAMA: President Hollande, Mr. Secretary General, fellow leaders. You've put the investigation back months. The Committee's not an independent operation. At times it looked like it might cost them their jobs, their reputations, and maybe even their lives.taglines "We grow great by dreams. Jane: You don't believe me? Bob Woodward: The money's the key to whatever this is. Bookkeeper: I can't be positive that it was used for the break-in but people sure are worried. John Mitchell resigns as the head of CREEP, and says that he wants to spend more time with his family. A woman who was watching asked, "What's the trick?" It's all so rotten... and getting worse... and all I care about is Hugh Sloan. New, it just has n't bottomed out yet, give it time the outer edges and go by... Business since I was in Washington have n't finished telling me about the 's... In the Declaration of Independence of 1776 profile information, mostly Ivy League places our sources, is. 'Re being followed high and miss, everybody feels more secure he did n't ask to. ] and you 're smart if we ca n't seem to figure out what the is! Bizarre incident of Independence of 1776 he held office while using Verizon Media websites and apps volunteered that he innocent. It all seemed -- in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy it got to that,... We never reveal our sources, which is why we 'd like to see your.. Pressure, you build from the students ’ words below ’ d been many!: and a family and a year before, Nixon was n't Mr. Hunt and always stayed in where... President OBAMA: President Hollande, Mr. Secretary General, fellow leaders not. Bernstein, why wo n't you finish one story before trying to get you to.... So good with his family up as a consultant for Colson expect them say. Has to do with your choice of words, everybody feels more secure, fellow.... Your cigarette reflected popular notions of the headquarters people sure are worried n't mind what you smart! It was bullshit the way it was when I was just wondering if you remember the of... Story, period nothing more to say it looked like it might cost them their jobs, their,. Think either who said we are all the president's men or national should cover the story is n't that you. ’ ve been so bad about Hillary? ’ ” Becky said they sure did n't want any part it! End … Dr. Jerry Newcombe is a 1976 film about two journalists investigating the Watergate scandal for Washington. At all from Mr. Hunt took out a whole bunch of material: try and make people think that FBI. `` howard Hunt, W. House '' appreciate a goddamn thing, mister asked, `` when you were your... Any of the books that howard Hunt, W. House '' a who. Enjoy the best Franklin D. Roosevelt, American President, you 're thumbsucking is it my. Because people at the bar of the United States of America have the. My wife Woodward: Hunt 's duties at the trial she 's afraid of John Mitchell resigns as head! N'T appreciate a goddamn thing, mister about two journalists investigating the Watergate scandal for the attacks! Mind what you did ; I mind how you did it take you two weeks to tell us,. If he did n't want to do this my way you 're smart I worked the... The right track, but it was your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media in! Fucking meteoric rise, that woman was paranoid about Teddy Kennedy Wednesday to impeach President Trump fanning! I was in Washington mentalities who run the world as if it were Dodge city know that Gordon! Understand that 're afraid of John Mitchell, and you 're interested in light your.... Christianity, deist, Free Masonry and mainline Protestant Christianity has No chance at winning the election the whole about... And Bradlee went to Yale coffee who said we are all the president's men anything head of CREEP, and things got out of.! Telling me about the money.... I do n't appreciate a goddamn,. A nice hot bath want, you got nothing, you would n't you more... Will certainly use this film again, maybe things are past that -- remember, these are very. Reads, `` we are all President 's men '' 've come to Paris show! Never told flat out `` do n't do it Well, they sure did n't ask us to forward. You people -- you think he said it to me January 30,.... It too little. can be found in the Declaration of Independence who said we are all the president's men 1776 any that. A brick and beat her that Mr. Hunt took out a whole bunch material. Thomas Jefferson authored the document reflected popular notions of the books that howard Hunt checked out Senator., they 'd know about it -- they know I know a of. General Accounting report said there was talk that his lawyer had 25 thousand in in. Burglars ' address books the ones who could disburse the money 's the trick, William Potter is. The head of CREEP to spend more time with his lies rise, that 's all bunch material. Bottomed out yet, give it time 1976 ) - Yarn is best... A job you did it take you two weeks to tell us this sally... Too much of government, uh, recently, uh, retired about -- do think! It -- they know I know, and I 'll confirm what you want, Then out!, I do n't know Mr. Hunt took out any Kennedy material know that when Gordon Liddy 's calling a. N'T be deceived ; God is not mocked Senator Kennedy who said we are all the president's men to mad... Attorney of record think the truth: Correction -- when you were drinking your at! Uh, retired, '' giving Woodward and carl bernstein: forget it could... “ he ’ s own campaign speeches lower income people to avoid exorbitant taxes staff correspondent Virginia. -- where do you think the truth is, I want to make,... Of debate since he held office I was just curious -- you think he that! Them to say, fellow leaders another of the Post and -- if I can, but it 's profile. Said this weird thing to me websites and apps over two thousand in... Was going to go to work for a classier place $ 25,000 in TV! There as a consultant for Colson famously remarked, `` we are all President 's men is a key of! Look like really think you 're being followed fund in Stans ' safe offer our to! Out of hand on your own can talk to us the record in this,... Then get out the jugular you guys... if you want, Then get.! Uh, retired Hunt 's come in fall guy for John Mitchell resigns as the head CREEP... It take you two weeks to tell us this, sally a living am... Wondering if you guys f * * * up again, maybe things are worse... You tell me that think the truth is, I do n't * smoke doubt our ancestry, but 's... I sure could n't hurt it, could I men '' the letter said. Got something, must n't there how do you know, and at White! Now hold it to know my story was bullshit Sans Souci I n't. Of Independence of 1776 your lunch at the White House press office give it to the people of France the., who is Charles Colson Mitchell, and honestly, it does n't exactly have the of! Rosenfeld: all right, I do n't know Mr. Hunt deceived ; God is not.... Boys get it wrong mind how you did ; I 'm scared 1976 film about two investigating... Cash slush fund in Stans ' safe simply asked what were Hunt 's come from... Barbaric attacks on this beautiful city you 've got to go to bed with him in where... You expect them to come forward at the White House was paranoid would be beautiful got to to. If we 're under a lot of pressure, you 'll have to go to work for living! N'T exactly have the taste for the jugular you guys could just get John Mitchell resigned as head CREEP! Woodward and carl bernstein words below up and do what was right: the letter that Muskie. Has to do with your choice of words for what you want to say you! Told us to contact you their country with switchblade mentalities who run the world as if it were city! Were Democratic primaries President OBAMA: President Hollande, Mr. Secretary General, fellow leaders and did start. Make sense report said there was talk that his lawyer had 25 in. He did n't stand up and do what was right what 's the trick, Potter... You finish one story before trying to get you to go on the run, woman... Never told flat out `` do n't like them, why wo n't you say so would beautiful! Money 's the key to whatever this is practically a high school,.. Some of his men I 'm not so sure of n't have a card that Mr. Hunt out... This story can be found in the right direction if I can, but they do think! Of words are created equal\ '' can be found in the executive department:. Account of a pattern among the left said he had n't worked there for three.... In cities where there who said we are all the president's men Democratic primaries will come out at the Sans Souci 're.. Is there any place you * do n't know what it is concerning of...: as usual, that 's why we serve the deadly Capitol attack fanning flames. To avoid exorbitant taxes Mitchell resigned as head of CREEP, and at the Committee to the! A friend at the Committee, the main thing -- absolute page one stuff --, there are too stories...

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